Monday, July 8, 2013

Of Do You know what day this is?~~~~

Well Darklings,

Do you know what day this is?   This is the Day when those Pesky UFO's landed at Roswell, New Mexico and they have been an irritating thorn in the Military's side every since (Big Smile).

And if you look at my brief Bio that was also the year I first saw the light of day, such as it was.  And nothing has been normal since.    Well I never claimed I was really Normal, you know the old fashioned rose covered cottage with the white picket fence, working husband who likes to wear his slippers and smoke a pipe when he comes home from work,  talk to little Johnny and Sally about School, and Spot the dog brings the newspaper (slightly chewed)  to him,  while wifey makes a martini while dinner is finishing up as she is wearing a lovely day frock with pearls and high heels wearing full make up and her hair perfectly styled.

Oh please Mrs. Cleaver ~~~~  

No Darklings, Dad held down a hard working full time job, Mom sometimes worked part time as a nursing assistant, she was on call,  Grandma was quick to come to the house if Mom was called in so us children came home to a family member.  Later on that changed so she'd cover the lunch hour shift till the nurses changed shifts, and could be home with us kids.   Then finally Dad got a promotion and a raise and Mom retired, but she'd earn pocket money with sewing or babysitting espeically when we sibs were older, or helping out with an elderly person that needed care. 

But a Day frock and pearls???   As Grandma would say "Oh my Stars and Garters" and laugh.

When I was older and read about the Rosewell insident, I asked Dad about that, and he said "Who needs UFO's I have you children claiming there's a dead body in the back yard, yes a dead body of a mouse the cat killed."    Or the old, old house that looked so haunted, that we thought there were ghosts looking at us from an upstairs windown, only it was a very frail elderly lady whom time and life had passed by and Mom and Dad took to helping her out.  Then the house was fixed up and a family moved in after the old lady had passed away.

The only alien we were concerned about was the Man of Steel on T.V. who saved people, or a strange looking wooden puppet wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and cowboy boots and had freckles,   if after 1947 there were aliens one only had to watch the children's programing in the late 1940's and early to mid-50's to see strange aliens.

But Roswell is a defining moment.  And now I have to check to see how the stew in the crock pot is cooking and then I'm going to order some lipstick from Besame Cosmetics and balance my accounts.

Later Darklings


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  2. It is SO cool you were born the same year as the Roswell UFO:) Interesting times indeed.

  3. Oh Yes Rebecca, it was interesting times, then after the Kennedys were assinated we saw the real grim reality and our blinders were removed.

    Some times I wish I could return to those "thrilling days of yesteryear" ***sigh***but time and the clock won't let me. So I must go forward, but show the youngsters how to behave.