Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Of feeling barely better~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I'm only feeling barely better but so weak,  Sis has placed stratigicly bottles of water for me to drink, "Keep hydrated she says", I'm so hydrated I keep running to the bathroom to flush my system out.

I want to be outside but everyone is worried that I'll become more ill, but the yard is warm right now, so I'll take a blanket and lie down on the hammock in the shade,  and I'll take a bottle of water with me too.  

We finished the soup last night except for some that I had at lunch, at least I'm not turning my nose away from it, it does taste good.

Sis is going to pickup Wor Won Ton at our favorite Chinese place.   Then we'll see how I fare tomorrow.

Dear Underground I'd love to watch old movies but for some reason I just do not find any to be palatable to my mind.   The only thing I'm enjoying now is "Perry Mason" while I'm having lunch.

However my Sister has Tivo'd this 10 week summer series called "Whodunit" so tonight I think she will play it for us to keep my mind excerised.  Not all of the episodes have played yet so I'll be able to catch up.  Sis knows that good murder mysteries always keep my mind sharp. 

But right now I just want to be outside,  I have found that Sis made some lavendar lemonade, so that will be refreshing.  Pooh!!  I'm so miserable that I can't even enjoy my "Instyle" magazine.  Not that everything they show I can wear, after all a person of 60 something cannot dress like an 18 year old, that would be silly.

And poor Belladonna is so bored, at least Marrisa's Mom comes by to check on me (at my Sister's request) and she takes her for a walk in the later afternoon, which reminds me I should call her so she'll know where to find me.

And Sis was hoping we could go and see "Red 2" she thought it would be funny to watch.  Maybe next week, right now the smell of popcorn might throw me off.

However I was pleased to see that Kate and William have a baby Boy, Prince George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge,  I thought if it was a boy it would be named George---it would have pleased the Queen to know they were thinking of her Father George VI who held England together during WWII. 

And now Darklings a hammock is calling me.

Later Darklings

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