Thursday, July 25, 2013

Of getting better progress~~~~

Well Darklings,

It appears I am slowly improving, I called my Boss yesterday evening and he said for me just to finish the week out and get properly rested, I have so much sick leave that I built up over the years I might as well make use of it, he said.   Even with the time that I took off to recover from my auto accident.

Sometimes one does get lucky in having a boss or supervisor who is totally understanding, but you have to repay that with good work as well.

We talked about last night about the possible upcoming BART strike in August and again he's been talking with staff to see what worked and what didn't and asked for my input.   So on Monday there will be an all staff meeting to lay out what will be worked out and then the Friday before the Monday strike another all staff meeting to have everything in place.    Now if at the last minute the strike is averted it is suggested to at least on that Monday (August 4) to do the plan for that day and then go back to regular schedules on Tuesday with the exception of those who will work the evening to midnight shift, they will have Tuesday off as a bonus vacation day, and come to work Wednesday as per ususal.

Frankly I can see no other alternative. ***sigh*** there are going to be a lot of unhappy people during that time.

The wonton soup my sister purchased was delicious and she bought a lot of it so I could have some for lunch today.

Frankly except for a slight sniffles and an occasional cough I'm feeling much better, no fever, but still a little on the weak side.  I'm taking a cough medicine to keep the cough under control, frankly I'd prefer Bourbon but not before 6 p.m. although I could make an exception after 3 p.m.  We'll see.

Doyle came home early this morning from his assignment, but he will be up this afternoon, the new modum that was ordered arrived yesterday and he's going to install it this evening, I hope all will go well without a hitch, so if I don't post for a few days that is the reason why.

Yesterday evening in a fit of boredom, Sis and I channeled surf through our attenna stations and came across a new one on (locally) ch. 66.03  it's called GET TV.  Right now they are doing a preview run, no commericals and will be working fully starting in October.  They are showing Old Movies from the 30's 40's 50's and I think early 60's,  last night we caught "My Pal Trigger" with Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans, followed by "Africa Screams" with Abbott and Costello, this morning just for fun I checked on it and saw a film noir ending with Kirk Douglas and Barbra Stanwick from the late 1940's followed by the beginning of "The Woman in Green" (Sherlock Holmes) with Basil Rathbone.

Darklings I have no idea where this station is distributed in your areas (USA) but if you can find it (GETTV) on the attenna, save it---the web site currently is not telling what its showing but what they plan, and they may also have eventually commercials, but frankly who cares.  Right now I check on it on the hour and half hour to see what is playing if I'm so inclind to watch T.V. 

Well I am going to take a nice shower and wash my hair and have lunch to watch Perry Mason.

I know Darklings not so Gothic but one can always check out the Darklinks website to see what catches your fancy.   I might even feel up to perusing my "InStyle" magazine.

I am hoping that in the next week or so I can see Coraline I did promise to take her shopping for new clothes for School, well really after school, she has to wear a school uniform, its the deal I made with my Brother and Sister in law, since they have to spend a lot on the boys clothes.   This way they don't have to disapoint her, so we'll go through her closet see what fits and what doesn't, what is still nice and what is worn and what she likes and doesn't like.  Then take pictures of what she will keep so we can mix and match with what we'll buy.   I'm sure she'll need new shoes and pants and possibly tops as well,  My sister-in-law says she's grown a little taller in the last year so somethings Coraline can no longer wear, well this will be a good time to get new things.   I know I'm looking forward to it.

And now Shower and Lunch.

Later Darklings

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