Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Of Some changes but nothing new~~~~

Well Darklings,

The BART strike is still going on, people very frustrated, the infrostructure of temporary transportation pushed to its Maximum.

Things got a little hung up yesterday at the Golden Gate Bridge toll booth, a trucker from Canada attempted to go through the wrong lane and got.....STUCK!!!  

There is a wider taller lane for trucks but the driver was unfamilar with it and broke the front axel of his rig, it took a heavy duty tow truck to remove the entire rig,  there was back up but they managed to clear it.

But on the strike the Governor sent his top labor mediators along with a strongly worded letter to both parties and they are back at the table negotiating.   However the public is not pleased with the Unions to do this to the working public and also damaging the economy by 73 million dollars per day.

However several aquaintances that I know that use to use BART are taking the bus to the Oakland Ferry and discovered that it's really a relaxing way to get to and from work, except for the long lines to get on board and heaven help you if you miss your boat.   But they told me that except for really bad weather they will continue using the Ferry after the strike is over.

Today Doyle remarked to me that all the Ferry systems should use larger ferries like the old car ferries, not these hydrofoil jobs, it would carry much more people, I asked if they would have to modify the docks for them, he thought no considering the way they dock on the East Bay side perhaps on the S.F. side maybe but not East Bay.     Well maybe in the future.

Update on our dancing 51/50 (crazy person)  they police came by this morning at "oh please let me have my first cup of coffee"  and wanted more information on him, I couldn't tell them much but gave them information on his parents and the neighbor next to them who told me about him.   It seems he maybe kept longer than the 72 hour period.   Although one officer did ask me "Do they have horses around here?"  and we both smiled at each other knowing the joke.

The heat is beginning to retreat a bit, the coastal areas are at the mid-60's, where my house is its down to the Mid-to upper 70's although the house interior is still very stuffy and warm,  I've had to keep the front and back doors open (but front screen door locked) for air circulation, although the back door opens to the screened shady back porch which Belladonna it taking full advantage of.   I have a comfy bed for her as well as her water and dry food bowl out there.   She is recovering from the heat.

However the temps inland over on the other side of the hills is anywhere from upper 80's to just over 100, a huge difference of between 20 to 40 degrees just 30 miles inland from the coast.  The weather people consider this an unusual heat wave condition.  At the start of the heat wave my sister and I and now Doyle have been checking in on our elderly neighbor who baby sits Belladonna and she is doing very well,  her family lives out of town but they set up a cool spot for her for conditions like this with widnow air conditioning on the North side of her house,  it has a day bed, reclinder and small t.v. as well as a telephone extension, so when the heat wave started, she retreated there for the duration,  now I understand why Belladonna trotted so quickly to that room when I've left her to be watched by our neighbor a time or two during the heat wave.

I talked to my Boss yesterday evening before I left to come home and he suggested that next week I come in at 12 noon and work till 8 p.m. and he could bring me home, that way I'd be available to handle the confrence calls that would be coming in the afternoons next week,  it sounds reasonable, although he did agree that I was to only work half days, so after 4 I could rest in the staff lounge since there was a couch there that I could lie down on.  It sounds workable considering the unusual situation we're having.

Sis had to go early into San Rafel this morning to meet a client and decided to return via the Golden Gate Bridge it would be a reverse communte, she said it was strange and weird  because there was FOG totally shouding the towers, a misting fog, and hearing on the radio the weather predicting 100 degrees inland, and yet Fog coating the Golden Gate bridge.  And now she's heading back out again, she says she'll be so glad to have her house finished and then her clients can come to her, no more traveling around.

Brian is still camping is Sis's living room but the work on the kitchen and downstairs full bath is almost done, and he's received two call backs for 2nd interviews, they both sound promising.  For his sake I hope something comes from them.

My sleep routine is totally upside down, I managed to get some sleep last night but woke early again, however I did enjoy the cool morning overcast in the back yard with my cup of coffee, listening to lazy jays calling to one another, and seeing the birds taking morning baths in the bird baths that I have out, they dirted the water so much that I had to put in fresh several times.

But the bees and butterflies have not stirred one bit, although an amateur bee keeper in the neighborhood told me his hives are fine but it's been very hot for them, so they are seeking water, and he's been doing things to help them stay cool.

Also this morning another neighbor who has plum, apricot and cherry trees in her back yard has brought over laundry baskets of them, she is sharing her overwhelming bounty with everyone.   My Sis said "yay, apricot cobbler, apricots for canning and plum jam and cherry pies so they are now in the pantry which is cool and I anticipate a hot kitchen by this weekend.   Thank goodness we have canning jars, just need to buy new lids.   Sis still takes pleasure in old fashion things, so do I so I think I'll be helping her this weekend.   And come September there will be apples for apple pie, cobbler, apple sauce, I envision our pantry being very full.

4th of July is tomorrow but I think we'll stay home and just relax,  I have chicken marinating in the refrigerator and Baby Ray's bar-b-que sauce at the ready,  Doyle will do the honors to be King of the Grill and I have Belladonna's medication to keep her calm during the echoing sounds of the fireworks both tonight and tomorrow,  Doyle and Sis will watch her.

Nothing bizarre, strange or picular happening for now that would entertain an old Goth girl like me,  but I will be glad to get back into something that resembles our form of bizarre normalecy.   But it's just too hot.

Later Darklings   

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