Sunday, July 28, 2013

Of a restful but peculair weekend~~~

Hello Darklings,

I've been reading my Black Dahlia book, but I can only take it in in small amounts, so much to digest, and last night I didn't get much reading done because one of my co-workers called to vent her frustrations of Friday.

She wanted my advise or some suggestions as to what she and others can do about the last friday of the month when those Bicyclists take over the streets of San Francisco and prevent people from getting home.  It has a regular name (Critical Mass) but at work they call it Road Block Friday.

And with the possiblity of BART going on Strike by August 4th, that leaves that possiblity of transportation out.   I told her that this is something that will have to be brought up at the All Staff meeting.

One thing I did suggest to her was getting to work much earlier and leaving earlier to at least take the bus home or the Ferry, and just leave her car at home it just means not planning anything for that evening, perhaps have that as a Pizza night for the family or something.

There was the idea of maybe taking that day off and working on Saturday instead or doing a half day on Friday and half day on Saturday leaving the afternoons free.  Or coming in later and working later pass the time of the insanity of the bicyclists. 

Ordinarily if BART was not striking she would take BART and Bus to and from work, but with the BART strike that will not be possible.   I did tell her that at the all staff meeting we were going to look into what worked and what didn't during the 4 1/2 day strike and advised her to write those ideas down, and that if the Strike last more than a month (I don't think it will) that we still have to take into the  idea of the inconsideration and inconvience of Critical Mass and now would be a good time to address it, I know that our Director would welcome any ideas.

This last Friday was horriendous, not only was it Friday it was Critical Mass Friday, plus two games being played one in S.F. the other in Oakland, as well as two concerts in the Area and then as a topper, the Bridge (S.F. East Bay) was closed for two hours in both directions just at quitting time because of something that looks suspiciously like a bomb at an off ramp at Treasure Island. 

I was so glad I was not working that day.  Sis and Doyle were fortunate to avoid that mess as their work kept them on this side of the Bay, and Brian was working late.  But it was awful and painful to see on the news.

But today I took it easy,  just a little walk with Belladonna this morning, and a light breakfast, a few chores to be done.  Sis wanted me to go with her over to her house to look over that back porch.  Her contractor had suggested a few ideas and even sketched them out,  and she sketched some of her own but it was as if she has this idea but didn't know how to express it.

So here we are sitting on a couple of folding chairs and looking things over, some tall metal stakes were set up and string was tied to them to measure the area of how far the extention was going to go and then the much small outside deck beyound that.  But she had a feeling that what she had in mind for a view of the garden would be blocked and she was right.   I thought for a minute or two and said "Why a 2nd deck?  Why not a patio below the "lani" level,  I pointed out that at one end  closests to the driveway she could have a small deck to step out on and then steps to go down to it.   Considering the amount of sun it gets it would be wasteful to have another overhang, just have patio umbrella's that can be taken up or put out for shade as needed.

That way the major expanse of the view of the enclosed porch would not be impeded.  And with screens on the sliding floor to ceiling windows (in essence slide glass doors) one still could get fresh air and hear the birds.   She was estatic about the idea  But she still had a problem,  her driveway curves into the back yard and after the garden area is her garage so you have a beautiful garden and then a garage wall,  I said disguise it.  Make it a rock wall with plantings,  maybe a waterfall  but avoid bamboo, grows like a weed, I suggested a form of climbing jasmine for scent.  The gardener would know.

I said that the driveway could be hidden from the Lani with some of those buildings that she was thinking of that she saw at the County Fair espeically if she wanted to bring 1950's Hawaii into her back yard.  Some of the landscape designers that we saw at the Fair could be very helpful.

I told her that any repairs to that particular Garage wall could be done from the inside if she had metal posts to hold up the roof of the garage on that side.  And of course motion detector lights as well.

She was so happy that she is treating me to dinner tonight, and I'm looking forward to putting on a lovely dress and getting dressed up.  I'm ready to go, Sis is just making a couple of phone calls to confirm her clients appointments tomorrow,   Doyle was already getting together with a couple of his friends tonight so everything is nicely set.

Then tomorrow back to the grind stone, and a all-staff meeting.   Even at my age I'm still a "workin' gal".

Later Darklings

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  1. How are you liking the Black Dahlia book? I have seen it listed but have not read that particular one yet.

    Good luck with getting to and from work...following your updates about the BART is interesting really. I live in central Illinois and we have nothing like that here. Everyone has a car or has to use the somewhat precarious bus system.