Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of a Barbarian Waltz (thoughts)~~~~

Well Darklings,

The confrence calls went better than expected and finished sooner than planned.   I just wrote out my notes, but I'm going to review them in a minute or two to be sure I have everything and compare them with a co-worker.

Once that is done and I contact those that need to be contacted I'll be free to go home,  my Boss said that since I put in more hours of late over what was scheduled for, I can leave any time I want. 

So now I'm taking a breather,  and putting my head back together.  

All day I've had this waltz type tune running through my head, I even started waltzing to it when I went to the break room for my juice water.   David saw me doing that and started waltzing with me as I hummed the tune.   He liked it and asked me where I heard it and I said "Of all the strangest things but from an 'Ahnold' movie, "Connan the Barbarian'"   He said that a friend of his gave him a cd of the sound track a couple of years ago but he hadn't played it, now he was going to have to.

I asked him if it would be possible to make a burn of just the waltz and he said he would.  Frankly until that happens its the only way to get it out of my mind.

Doyle happened to be watching it last night, he said he wanted to watch something "mindless" well that is a good mindless movie.

But now back to my notes......and the waltz is still running in my head.

Later Darklings

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