Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of a little update about Oakland and other things~~~

Hello Darklings,

This post will have to be short.

Things were quiet last night in Oakland from what I can tell, businessess are trying to fix up their smashed windows and graffitied walls.

Some of the criminals responsible for some of the acts of vandalism and assult are being charged, not one of them from Oakland I understand but from out of town.

I understand it's the same in Los Angeles.

If anyone wants to read about it just Bing, Google, or Yahoo it for the most recent updates.   Doyle wants Sis and I to go to the range and practice with our handguns, well I have to admit I need the practice, but I told him that all of this was in Downtown, but he wants us to be safe.   I won't argue with him, considering that he does at times have to go out of town and there have been times when I've been by my self here in the house.

But the feeling is that things will slow down for now,  but the possiblity of another BART strike is heating up again, the two side have been speaking but intermittently.   We'll know more by Aug 3.  If any of you are planning to visit San Francisco or the East Bay in August be prepared for more Hell.

And now people are in an uproar because Rolling Stone magazine has printed on their cover the picture of the surviving Boston Bomber, some places will not carry that particular issue,  I don't know the full particulars, but I feel that RS has made a big mistake, it's like its implying that they praise the Bombers Actions but until I read a copy of RS I really won't know.   It's one thing to have it in a small front box to indicate that there is an article inside but its another to plaster it completly on the front.   Maybe their sales are sagging.

The mornings this week have been grey and overcast, fog rolling over S.F.  but go over the Oakland hills and it climbs to the upper 80's and 90's Oh love our East Bay weather.

I have the morning off but I will need to get to work soon, some conference calls coming in at 12 noon.  I think I'll take the Ferry home and call for a cab if I miss the bus,  I'll see how it goes.

So far my back is doing fine with this work schedule,  I'll be talking to my boss more about it, I'm not hurting financially and even feel more relaxed, we'll have to see what can be worked out.

Must go, phone ringing.

Later Darklings

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