Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Of The Strike is On and frustrated Chaos~~~~

Well Darklings,

The BART strike is on.   The union, according to current word, is refusing to return to the bargaining table, many BART riders are very angry with the BART union for not going back to the table.

AC Transit has not striked, both parties are negotiating even though the AC Transit employees do not have a contract, from the rumor I heard, it was better for AC Transit to keep going otherwise public opinion could also turn against them.

The Govenor (our great balding mentally challenged Govenor "Moonbeam") is staying out of this and not calling for a cooling down period.

Oakland City employees only did a one day strike,  good thing or there would have been a riot by the public, not that I saw much difference with Oakland City employees being on strike.

Transportation is overwhelmed although more buses have been put on, BART management have also implimented BART shuttle Buses's to get people to where they need to go, but its being overwhelmed as long lines of people waiting for an available shuttle are more than what is out there.

Car pools, casual car pooling are being done, the Ferries are packed,  Muni has stepped up to the breach in San Francisco. 

They say that BART does 400,000 trips a day, that means they move 40 million people or at least 1 person twice so make that 20 million people a weekday, now that is if BART trains carry 100 people per trip, but what if they carry say 200 or 300 people per trip, I mean there are times when its standing room only espeically during communte hours, so that means at least 40 to 60 million people per day  now if there were at least 2 people to a car that's removing 10 to 30 million cars off the road per day, not counting Football and Baseball games.  

But that is a lot of people and a lot of cars when you think about it.  So I say why can't an electric transportation service be available to move people to BART stations so the need for parking at a BART station is reduced.   When people started moving out to the subburbs, it added gas milliage, and away from transportation hubs and it also reduced land for farming and ranching,  so instead of electric individual cars, we should have those people movers, to move people to transportation hubs.

Oh fiddle-dee-dee its not Disneyland.  But one can dream.

Our car pool of 5 people went across the Bay Bridge at 4:30 p.m. with no problem but going East we saw was a different story, and no one but no one wants to be in a fender bender.  We worked till midnight which considering the heat was much better as it was less strain on our building air conditioning system,  we talked about this further and we'll continue to do it,  coming home was a breeze as well, but it does mean that our driver won't get into bed until 1 or 1:30 a.m. and we all chipped in for gas and parking, I mean $25.00 for All Day Parking because its a special event!!!?? Highway robbery I say!!!

Although, I may have to take the Ferry next week if AC Transit still is running, although both Doyle and my sister said they could drive me to the Ferry terminal while they were on their way,  because I need to be in during the day for some projects.  Oh well, but I'll contributed to the car pool anyway in advance, just for good will.

But when they dropped me off at home last night we were greeted with a very odd sight.   Our elderly neighbors crazy son was dancing in the middle of the street wearing nothing but a ball cap, tennis shoes and a smile, dancing and singing nonsense.   It seems that he was kept in last time for only a 72 hour observation got him on his meds and then discharged him back to his folks.

My co-workers think it was the heat, it didn't matter so I called the police and told them there was a naked 51-50 dancing in the street and the gay pride parade was Sunday,  the dispatcher asked if he was harming anything and I said no but he might scare the horses....the dispatcher asked if I was drinking and I said no, that it was a Dorothy Parker quote, but there are children on the block and he's so loud he might wake them, the neighborhood dogs (including Belladonna) were barking already.

The police showed up and danced him into their car, and he'll go back for another 72 hour observation.  ***sigh***

And speaking of Belladonna, she is doing much better now and is eating a little and drinking a lot, our temp has dropped to the upper 70's and we have a breeze but its hit 105 in the inland areas like Livermore and such,  it seems this high pressure which is causing the heat wave is going from Texas and upwards, to almost Washington State on the West Coast.

It's causing dry lighting strikes and wild fires we just heard yesterday that a wild fire had suddenly changed direction and overwhelmed 19 fire fighters killing them.  I heard that and cried, knowing what a horrible death that is.   Thank goodness Sis understood why I reacted that way.  No matter what, no matter how long ago that horror always remains.

Dear Under for tea, I appreciate what humid weather can do with mosquitos, I've been in Mississippi and Louiesanna a time or two, they grow to be monsters!!  And what they do to peachy and alabastar skin is a crime.   One time when my folks, siblings and I were camping we were having problems with misquitos,  there was another family at a near by camp site and the father came over with some bundles of dried sage, he said burn or smoke that in the fire it will keep the misquitos away, and he proceeded to take a bundle that was smoking and wafted the smoke all over the canvas tent,  and it worked!! 

I've used it a time or two on our screened in back porch for any bugs that managed to get in and never had a problem.

Well I better finish getting dressed, my car pool will be here in a half an hour.

Later Darklings

Doyle right now is laying out on the portable hammock in the shade napping with Belladonna sleeping right with him.

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  1. I hope the BART strikes end very soon. And the heat...I am very sorry to hear how badly the west coast is fairing.

    Here in the mid-west it is unseasonably cool and damp...or at least this week it is. The saying goes..."don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes it will change" is SO true in Illinois:)