Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Of a few corrections to the previous post and thoughts~~~

Hello Darklings,

Once again I will be taking Mass Transit to work, my sister had to leave early and Doyle took a taxi to the airport, we will not have him for the weekend but it does mean that Coralline and I can do a closet clean out with her Mom, to be followed by shopping!   So I will be busy.

I made a few spelling corrections as well as syntax on my previous post.  One should not type things in "on the fly" but I have corrected them.

It is so cold this morning, fog has rolled in  as well as gray clouds overhead, so out comes my black trench coat and a sweater, in this Bay Area it pays to be able to layer on and peel off, because it can be below 60 with a breeze in San Francisco but well over 80 in Walnut Creek. Only a distance of 30 or so miles.

And speaking of Mass Transit, the count down has begun on the possiblity of a BART strike again, although they continue talking.   Frankly I've looked at the numbers and really all they have to do is split the difference,  but then each side wants what they want and the poor passengers have no say at all.

One passenger is trying to get a coalition up to contact the Governor to stop the strike and keep them at the bargaining table.... I don't think the idiot we have at the state capital will do that, he doesn't think that far ahead to realize how damaging this would be to the economy and how many people could lose their jobs if they can't get to work on time or even at all. 

Well at least at work we will have a plan and our director understands the situation and is very reasonable.

Now I must leave to go to work.  Heigh Ho my Darklings, Heigh Ho!

Later Darklings

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