Friday, July 5, 2013

Of BART going back to work!!!~~~~

Well Darklings-----Glory Hallelujah!!!!

The two sides of BART are putting the trains back to work by 3 p.m. today, the mediators said in the best interests and in view of negative public opinion against the Union and the damage being caused to the economy, it was best to get the trains running and continue the bargaining in the meantime.

The Union came back with they would continue to bargin for 30 days but if no deal is reached they will go back on strike.   I don't think that will happen because someone will step in at that point and the Union will get the worse of it.

I mean Darklings, when even a labor lawyer who is pro-labor says that the Unions are not working towards a resolution and are doing more harm than good, that is serious.   Why do you think that Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes died--the union not working for the best for the workers so that all became un-employed because the company went belly up, and the union and employees were warned that would happen---Although Twinkies are coming back with a new company.

My car pool will continue doing what its been doing today and we'll go back to our regular routine next week.   But some of my car pool people are thinking of doing the car pool to get to the ferry and taking the ferry across, but if someone has to work late they will return either by Bus or (Heaven forbid!) BART.

I'm going to see my Doctor next week for an update on my back, I've had an occasional twinge but it might be because of the unusal work situation,  I did have a talk with my Boss on the possiblity of me working half time for a year but since I am in a supervisory position I didn't think that would be good because it is important to be able to be available during the work day.   But we'll try the half time situation for another month and re-evaluate.
I'm not worried, I'm of an age where my retirement would be good,  I could retire and still work hourly for them picking up the slack when someone is ill or on vacation or for some reason they are over whelmed.

All options to consider,  I still enjoy my work, but to ease up on the work load is a serious consideration. By September I'll know better.

And it looks like the heat wave is breaking, it was a slightly nippy 60 degrees outside with a comfortable 72 in the house, how it is inland I'm not sure, but there's talk of it being in the balmy mid-80's.

Must go,  Belladonna is barking at something in the back yard.

Later Darklings

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