Sunday, June 30, 2013

Of more on the Heat! Blasted Heat!~~~~~

Well Darklings,

It's a good thing Sis and I did not go to the County Fair yesterday, the temp hit 106 and I believe Death Valley had a record 137 degrees farinhight (did I spell that right?)

Yes Underground for Tea I hope it cools down soon as well,  I have one fan just on Belladonna and from time to time have taken a wet face cloth to her tummy and head,  ice cubes in her water.   She barely touches her food its so hot, not that I blame her.

The weather people say for our area it will go up again on Tuesday and then start cooling down by Thursday.   The house is so hot,  and I remembered when Doyle are Marissa's brother were up in the attic a few month's ago they informed me it was not insulated.   That is going to be the next house project, but I'm going to wait until Fall,  right now I can't get a man in nor would I want to subject any human being to such insufferable miserableness.

One good thing, Doyle is flying in tonight he said he'd call when he's landed and gathered his luggage so we can pick him up, a good thing it was a striaght flight no transfers or anything like that.  And he's been warned about the BART situation.  But fortunately he'll have the next few days off.

I could only do laundry, wash and line dry the clothes, its so warm they dry in an hour or less.   All Sis and I have been doing is just the necessary things and then just relaxing reading, keeping cool, listening to classical music.  

But with the heat I've been getting up early just before Dawn breaking to take in the coolness and water the planets and do the same in the evening, Sis helps out as well.

My cleaning lady has been ill with the heat and I told her to not worry to just get well.   Not that there is much to do, even I can run the vacume on the rugs that need it.    And most of the time when it's too hot to be indoors we sit outside on the back porch in the shade and catch the random cool breeze. 

Poor Brian is exhausted with the heat as well, he had several interviews this last week and hopefully one of them will prove fruitfull.  He said that each employer said that in the event of a strike and if he got hired they would be very accomidating about the communt if their employees were stuck in traffic.

None of us wanted to cook so we ordered Chinese, Brian has just returned with our order and we are all going to eat on the back porch, I have some "Ceasar's" Dog food for Belladonna that I've been keeping cold in the frige, I hope she'll eat it, if not then I'll toss it.  I don't want her to get ill.

And if the strike happens tomorrow, well I won't have to go in until 5 p.m. and work till midnight, we're all on short hours because of this, but full pay and I'm being picked up with two others in our car pool.  This reverse communite better work, because tomorrow will be hell.

Here's hoping for the best and praying for tempetures to go down to the mid-70's.

Later Darklings

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  1. Wow, It just reminds one of what a fragile species we are- to be so incapacitated by the heat in our natural climate. Fortunately, for those in Missouri who can't stand our yearly heat, we've had ample rain, cooling it down (but breeding the evil mosquitoes, who love my peachy skin).
    Poor Belladonna!!! Wishing coolness for Belladonna!!!