Thursday, June 20, 2013

Of an update and a guest~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well my temporary work arrangment is working out just fine.   I communte in and my boss drives me home.

At least I missed the "naked acrobat" at one of the BART stations,  frankly if he came up to me I would have wacked him where it would hurt the most with my cane.   But then would I have been booked for assualt or would it have been considered self - defence.   Well I'll never know since they have arrested him.  And he may get deported back to Columbia, maybe that is what he wanted to have happen, it would save him the cost of a plane ticket.

Doyle is still out on assignment and may not be back until next week, pooh!  But he does call and keeps me updated and he's doing fine.

Sis has finally had her house tented to be fumigated and her house guest is now my house guest, Brian is a very nice person and has offered to  offset the cost of utlities and food, so we've worked out a nice little arrangement.   Because I never know when Coralline is sleeping over, Brian will stay in the down stairs "maid's room" it has it's own bath so that works out very well. 

But I did warn Brian about the work still being finished in the kitchen, right now some cabinet fixing but the apartment stove is now in place where the vintage stove will be going, once I find the one I want.  Sorry Darklings, I just have not had the chance to shop for one.  Soon though, soon.

Brian didn't seem to mind, and once the fumigation process is over, Sis is going to first have the kitchen re-done and then the bathroom downstairs so Brian can move back.  But that will take a little time.

It seems I'm always having a house guest or family, which is fine, it helps the house come alive.  Although he was a little surprised about the cemetery in the back part of the property, I told him to not worry about it, those pets stay put.   And I had to keepy "kitty Kat" quiet so to not give him appoleplexy.  But he seems to be enjoying the "off-beatness" of the house.

He commented to me about the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard----I had not realized that there was a difference but it seems that a graveyard it always attached to a religious building or church, but a cemetery is simply a piece of land set aside for burials.   The yard is always next to the church and is of grave importance and a serious condition of life.   So person to be buried just outside of a Grave Yard was considered an un-redemmed sinner.  Hmmm and then there is Boot Hill, Columbariums, Tombs, Masoleums, Crypts, and other words to describe where one is buried,  now I understand that if there are people buried near their homes, such as a plantation that is considered both as a graveyard and a cemetery.

I can only tell you Darklings we had a wonderful discussion about this.

Later Darklings
 Gloria Holden's Cemetery marker.

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  1. What an interesting life you lead and the interesting people you encounter:)