Sunday, June 2, 2013

Of washing machines and television programs~~~

Well My Darklings,

This proved to be a most interesting expedition into laundry investigation. It maybe wise to have one’s man along and sometimes it can also be frustrating.

I was perfectly fine with going to Sears to see what they had, but Doyle, bless him wanted to check several other stores but when I asked several key questions on things like repair and delivery well they just could not provide me with “the goods”.

Finally after having a late lunch I persuaded Doyle to go to Sears, but first I had to compliment him on his “due diligence” in looking into this and offered a compromise if Sears could not provide what I was looking for.

Well they had a very nice selection and I zeroed into the Maytag’s’, of course Doyle wanted all sorts of “whistles and bells” and I was more into basic’s. Which of course had us pushing and pulling, we had to let the sales person know we were going to discuss this and would come back to him so he would not be tied up with us if there was another customer.

Finally I told Doyle “Darling, we are not washing the clothing of the Mona Lisa, we are talking sheets, towels, underwear, and other washable items, as long as it can do that I’m happy!” Doyle eventually saw the wisdom of my logic and so we selected a very nice machine in basic white, I don’t need other colors.

And we were able to find a comparable gas dryer as well. So out came the charge card (my insurance money for the replacement of them will go to the bill), arrangements were made on the delivery and installation, warranties were prepared as well as repair warranties as long as it’s a Sears purchase Sears will repair it with almost nothing out of my pocket, we even bought a new toaster (it can do bagels and muffins as well) the old one died this morning. Well when you see it go up in smoke you know it died.

I called my sister to see if she would be available to accept delivery in case neither Doyle nor I got home in time and she said she would.

Now Sis and I are waiting for Doyle to bring home Chinese take out, she was busy with her reports and I was too tired to even think about dinner, so Doyle being the gentleman that he is has gone out to find dinner.

I will get my things prepared to get ready for work tomorrow, in a way I’m looking forward to it but in another I’m sort of liking the idea of being at home, but I am concerned about being out of “the Loop” of things, of becoming to narrow in my outlook and such, of well I guess, of losing my edge.

How I feel after a month will determine my next course of action, with the weather so nice I feel a certain yearning to travel, but that will have to be on hold for now.

I’ve had a chance to see the last two episodes of “Grimm” before they took their summer sabbatical, I like it, its sort of quirky in a “Supernatural” sort of way before “Supernatural” got too serious, (but I still like the program Jensen Ackles reminds me of a younger Doyle but he has dark blond hair)

“Hannibal” is so bizarre but part of the problem is I came into the program when it was already at 8 episodes so without that back ground information it’s a little bizarre, I’m still trying to figure out Hannibal’s motives, he’s manipulating people and in some ways exacting revenge, but is he placing the “hero” in danger? I’ve got to see the first 7 episodes to really understand his motive.

I’ve just started a new program called “Motive” and you really have to watch for all the little clues, I’m not sure if this program is going to have “legs” but it is interesting. Doyle watched the first installment of “Brooklyn D.A.” he sort of likes it, but I felt it sort of weak, but then it was only the first program and well see how that goes.

Hmmm there’s a loud noise outside someone’s yelling, and it’s making Belladonna bark, we’ll have to investigate.

Later Darklings

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  1. I agree with going to Sears. We bought from them and the set me have now is over 10 years old and still perfect. Plain white simplicity:)

    I am glad you liked Grimm. It is an interesting take on the "monster of the week" theme which I love dearly. And of course I love "Monroe" more than the main character.

    Same here with Supernatural. I loved it when it was not so serious. "Dean" is my favorite as well. Handsome and funny.