Saturday, June 29, 2013

Of further updates on the BART strike~~~~

Well Darklings,

The possible picture is not going to be pretty,  not only will BART strike, and AC Transit in sympathy, but the City of Oakland employees are going to be striking at the same time!!!

I am convinced that the heat has driven people mad.

All three agencies striking at the same time starting on the same day, no one talking to the other, no one steppping in to demand a 60 day cooling down period, no one mediating.

The BART employees union showed up for a meeting with BART leaders but BART leaders were not there, claiming they were talking to the Union via mediators, but the Union is saying no one talked to them.

My question is who is lying?   BART employees are saying the had their wages cut by 27 %  but they are paid on an average of $85,000 a year.  And that is with a 27% reduction?    The Union want BART to pay for full medical and full retirement without the employees paying into it at all.  

I always said if you do a good job your pay would be comiserate to your performance, but I've had to pay into my retirement and into my medical a portion of my wages.  I see no reason that the BART employees should be so privledge.  

I'm not going to even get into AC Transit, theirs is just a sympathy strike although S.F. Muni is stepping up to the plate and putting on more buses and such for the City of San Francisco.

And I'm not even sure what is the City of Oakland employees situation, espeically when almost everyone I know have not had a raise in 4 to 5 years and are just dealing with it because of the economy, which inspite of all the so called good predictions is still horrible, with still too many people out of work.

Oh Darklings, I better calm down, I'm getting too overheated about this.

On a different front, the temperature is going to get warmer with triple digits predicted in the inland areas.

I was up at 5:30 this morning enjoying the dawn breaking, and watering the plants, they will get watered again much later this evening.  And I even went to the grocery store and did shopping for the week, although I feel that it will be cool salads and precooked meats such as grilled chicken, which I'm keeping in the refrigerator and will heat up for dinner later tonight in the microwave.

I've made a huge batch of lemonaid, of which I have bottles of it in the freezer, as well as filtered water with a hint of fresh squeezed lemon in it also refrigerated and frozen.   All the windows are open and fans are going because I do not have air conditioning in the house.

And for now Belladonna is at a neighbors house being babysat and Sis is ready so we will hit the Farmers Market today for lots of fresh fruit, and then rest in the afternoon.   I think we'll eat dinner in the garden this evening,  Brian was kind enough the other day to put up this portable dinning tent that has misquito neting in the flat patio, so it will perfect to dine in.

Now must go.

Later Darklings

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