Saturday, June 15, 2013

Of Hitchcock, "Blackmail" and chainsaws~~~~

Well Darklings,

My weekend has not gone quite the way I had originally planned, but so far it's been interesting.

Right now I'm taking a breather while my brother and sister in law take the "three stoogies" their sons, (that is the name my niece Coralline has given them" to go and get pizza and ice cream and other sundry goodies that will give them a sugar high.

Coralline, Belladonna and I are enjoying the brief moment of peace, blessed peace.

My wicked little niece has tempted me to go with a summer nail polish, and has been waiving "Wet and Wilds" mauvish lavendar "Bite the Bullet" in front of me and so I have promised to do my nails with that color for the summer.   She loves her deck of zombie cards, but is going to hide her deck from her brothers for safe keeping.

She and Belladonna are playing a quiet game of "tug of war" near me as I type.

I thought that yesterday I would relax from the heat that we briefly had, today has been cool and now the foggish overcast has rolled in.  My sister and Doyle were busy packing for their respective trips, when I received a phone call from one of my friends asking if I'd care to go with him to see a restored Hitchcock film "Blackmail",   I had completely forgotten that this weekend was the Silent Film festival at the Castro Theater, Doyle and Sis said go, they would be completely impossible to deal with while packing. 

Dressed in my film noir best and with a warm coat since the nights get chilly in San Francisco, Donald came by, picked me up as I air kissed my loved ones and over the bridge we went.

It was fasinating to see Hitchocks' film and see his genius flowering, the same theme of course, innocent person being both protected and threatened by two different people.  The chase over well known landmarks, all so very satisfying and filmed in Germany's UFA studios before the Nazi's took over and destroyed all that creativity.   Now with these 6 restored Hitchcock films from the British Film Institute I hope to see them eventually released to DVD.  But of course it may take a while.  For any Goth film noir buff these are a Must to see, espeically "The Lodger", and to add to one's collection.

But all that went out the window today as Brother Dear and his brood chainsawed the branch down to manageable size,  he loaded half into his truck and I have the other half in the back going to be seasoned for winter.  He also removed one other branch that appeared to be dead, no leaves on it so it was better to remove it than risk having that one fall as well. 

The boys were giving him and their mother fits as they danced like evil imps around the flying chips, I was praying that no slivers would fly into their eyes or fingers be suddenly removed.  It finally took their Mother's strong armed discipline (a resounding swat on their bottoms) to bring order to their intentional chaos.  For safety sake I had Belladonna stay in her open kennel in the kitchen, the noise being too much for her.

The little devils finally became helpful with loading their Dad's truck and stack (quite carefully I might add) my wood in back.  Then the phone call to the pizza place, pileling the boys Mom and Dad into van to get the food (my treat) Silence now reigns.

They were happy with the zombie playing cards and played a few hands of their idea of Zombie Old Maid, if you got the Queen of Spades left in your hands you became a Zombie and had to do the Zombie walk around the table and say "Bwaainnzzz"   Coralline agreed with me, Boys do like gross stuff.

Coralline pleaded with her Mother if she could stay overnight with me and I take her home tomorrow,  which turns out to be just fine, they were going to go to a friends tomorrow afternoon for a Father's Day bar-b-que,  so if I got her there by 1 p.m. that would be fine. 

So I'm going to treat Coralline and myself to Brunch tomorrow and tonight after the Horde leaves we will stay up and have hot coco and watch "King Kong Escapes" on Svengoolie and I'll paint my nails with "Bite the Bullet".

And now I hear the Barbarians returning.

Later Darklings

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