Saturday, June 8, 2013

Of Freaking out because the computer wouldn't work~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I nearly had a crisis!

Friday afternoon I went to boot up my personal computer and all I got was the basic initial image it would not go to my main page or anything, not boot anything.

I was very upset.  So Doyle and I put the computer into the car and went to a particular computer shop that we know and it worked fine!  Why is that? I ask, fortunatly we also brought in the keyboard and the mouse and it worked fine with those.

The nice technician said it could be my printer,  well it is an old printer, I had not seen any reason to upgrade it since it did want I wanted it to do.

But the printer was the culprit.  Why oh Why little printer did you have to get so sick?  Well it would cost too much to even think of fixing and eventually the printer carteridges will be phased out as they do not make this style printer any more.  Well it has served me faithfully and well.

So tomorrow we'll go printer shopping, Doyle has his eye on an HP that does printing, copy, fax, scan and I think a few other whistles and bells.  So I guess I'm going to be upgraded.  Oh well, where one needs one must.

My sister said I could have used her computer, but it's password protected and I didn't want to compromise her security.  Not that I'd reveal anything.   And she's coming with us, she's thinking of upgrading her system as well and since she will be doing more of her work in her new home it makes sense.

And now we're going out, it's been too warm to cook, and frankly not until I get a new (vintage) stove installed do I really feel like cooking.  Alright Darklings, tonight I'm too lazy to cook, there I've said it.

But on a different note----after I got off work yesterday, I tarried a bit to go to my favorite store to check out the cosmetics aslie, and Revlon is coming out with a new line of nail polish with name's like "Beguiled" and "Hypnotic" the colors are alright, I did like "Beguiled" but it was also accompiened with lip gloss and one I had to buy was "Fatal Apple" a lip gloss red.  I think it will work well over my regular lipstick or by itself.

But right now the colors that are available do not interest me at this time, I'll have to see what the fall and winter selection will be.

Must go.

Later Darklings


  1. You'll have to post pictures of the vintage stove when you get it. I love vintage things!

  2. Just picked up "Beguiled". Interesting color. I generally stick to very black, gray, dark reds or plums. But this is a nice "summer" color for me.

    Have never tried red lip gloss...again I tend to stick to plums and darker reds. It might be a nice change. Do you like the consistency of the lip gloss? Being more a lipstick person, I am not well versed in the ways of lip gloss:)


  3. Hello Rebecca,

    Well lip gloss by itself is just so-so, if anything it keeps the lips soft or gives a hint of color. I've always felt that it works best in conjuction with a complimentary lipstick, if one has a matt lipstick but it does not come in glossy, then adding the lipgloss can bring it out as a change from matt. I think in the evening the combination of the two works very well for evening wear. But if I'm dinning out and want to look good, L'Oreal has great lip colors that are long lasting, but a bear to remove at bed time.

    Frankly its what one wants from one's lipstick or combination of same as well as the event.

    Something casual, like being on the beach, lip gloss is fine. Unless one is planning to look totally sexy at pool side, then vamp it up I always say.

  4. Dear Trisha,

    As soon as I find the one I like I will post it. But I still have to wait a bit ***sigh***