Friday, June 28, 2013

Of more on the BART strike and the heat!!! Oh the Heat!!! And County Fairs~~~

Well Darklings,

Unless something or someone puts a stop to this nonsense, the BART Strike will happen, come Monday morning, there will be no way except by car (a frightening thought) and Ferry (if you find a way to get to it) to San Francisco.   At least in S.F. Muni will be working but it will be overworked, over crowded and pure HELL!   I pity any tourists.

I have a feeling that Taxi's will be working overtime and will be hard to find.

Yes Lucretia it is AC Transit Bus system that's striking in sympathy. ***sigh***   Why oh why can't something as simple as Disneyland's old "People Movers" be in place and it be run without strike approval.  If all the "Green People" want us to use Public Transit more, come up with something better.

I am home today.   Given the heat we are having the air conditioning failed at work yesterday,  I was asked to come in yesterday and if possible work most of the day, several staffers were out ill.  I did, until 4 p.m. and then the A.C. went.  

Our Boss said "everyone go home, stay cool, you'll be paid full wages, stay home tomorrow too, you'll be paid" and the phones were put on auto messages.

So I grabbed the Ferry, caught the bus home and lo and behold there was my sister, saying "do you want to deal with gridlock and go with me to the county fair?"   WHY NOT!!!

I was wearing my long sleeve cotton shirt and skirt, comfortable walking shoes,  packed my straw hat and black parasol, a large bottle of water and my Nutragena SPF 100 sunblock and off we went.   Got there by 6 p.m. missing the worse of the 90 plus degree heat.

As soon as we got there, Sis spotted a manufacturer of Tiki Huts and Bars,  I looked at her and asked "What are you thinking?"   she said that the back enclosed porch will be perfect for a Lanai, and she wants to do her yard 1950's tropical (slightly kitchy 1950's tropical).   And she looked at the out door tubs,  found one that is designed to be a rock waterfall. 

I groaned inwardly, but then thought, "why not, she has the money that she's worked hard for, everyone is intitled to dream, so why not?"

So she gathered her information took pix's with her camera and then we continued onto the outdoor garden area's that I found them relaxing and quaint,  Sis took more pictures "Ideas" she said. 

We were amused by the small animal exhibits of chicks, geese, pigeons, baby turkeys, pekin ducks, rabbits and the exotic repetiles.   We even had a chance before they packed up to see from one of the nature santuaries that rescues wild animals and helps preserve nature and educate children,  a barn owl native to our local, he could not be released in the wild, but to see him so close up and admire his beauty was (again my favorite word) fasinating.    I wanted to reach out and pet him but knew that was not a good idea, but the intellegence in his eyes, and how he took everything in and yet not be startled by people.  Of course it helps to not startle him either.  We looked right into each others eyes and I could see he was taking me all in, analizing me, determining if I was friend or foe.   

I took one of their information sheets because I wanted to plan to make an annual or bi-annual donation to the santuary.

Of course we went through all the "hucksters area's"   I bought a sign to put in the front window of my house "this house protected by Bad Ass Mutt Security", not that Belladonna is a bad ass mutt, but she does let me know if anyone is at the front or bad door.

And in another area there was a lady selling vintage jewerly, and I found several pieces of mourning jewerley that I fell in love with.  But I think I really made out with a couple of purses, one was pink with black trim and silver rivets with a skull design, I purchased that for Coralline, and for myself I found a simple slim black purse with a skull clasp in black metal and black eyes, just the perfect thing for a casual evening out.

The kiddie rides, with one ride that was originally from Michael Jackson's estate, and watching the little kiddies ride the live ponies under an awning to protect them from the sun, there was another pony with it's colt resting in its own corral in plenty of ample shade, with ample water and feed, checked on with regularity by the owners.  Just seeing the look of joy on the little toddler's faces riding on the ponies with either Mommy or Daddy walking next to them.   The owners had set it up in such a way that it was very safe and comfortable for everyone and the ponies.

Then the 4 H exhibits of sewing, quilting, woodworking, baking, art, some of the quilts were amazing.

We had fun listening  for a couple of minutes to an old-fashion country band, as we ate Big Bubba's Bar-B-Que Ribs,  nothing like County Fair Food to put on the calories.  And we had a chance to see a Hypnotist do her work with over a dozen people from the audience.  Although we couldn't stay to see her entire program Sis got her business card.  "I want to have an appointment with her to discuss hypnotheraphy"   I wondered why Sis was interested in this but if there is one thing I've learned about Sis is that there is always a reason why she is going to do something.

Although very warm, the breeze that came up made everything very comfortable.  And no one asked why we had snuck in Belladonna in her carry all.  Well to make it even more spoiled for her, because I was so concerned about walking and carrying her in the carry all some months ago with my back injury, Doyle came across a stroller in a pet shop just for "walking one's little baby"

I know Darklings, am I spoiling her?  Yes I am, but on a very hot day or any kind of long walking like Flea Markets, Farmer's Markets, Art/Wine/Crafts Festivals and things of that nature it is the perfect and humane thing to do, especially for little dogs.  The only place one cannot take a dog or a pet of any kind is Zoo's, because of any airborn transmitted virus.  

We walked the mid-way carnival, but I was concerned that the force of almost all the rides would hurt my back, but we had fun talking about how the rides use to look when we were children and had different names.  

Then it was time to return home, and thank goodness for air conditioning in cars.  I asked Sis why did she want to go to the County Fair?   And she replied, "I wanted to do something nearly child-like and simple, and the County Fair was the best way to go.  Maybe we'll take a picnic lunch to Tilden Park this weekend while Belladonna is being baby sat and we'll ride the Merry-go-round."    I asked her if anything had gone wrong and she said "No, I'm just tired of peoples worries and things and need several mental health days" and that was as good as any explanation.

Yes My Darklings, do simple child-like things, wiggle your toes in the Sand and build Sand castles, take pictures or paint pretty images even if you are not a good painter, neighter was Grandma Moses and her works are work some money.  But just do fun pleasureable things, get out of yourself and enjoy life.

Later Darklings

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