Saturday, June 22, 2013

Of a lazy afternoon~~~~

Well Darklings,

I am all by myself this late afternoon, and it is warm. 

I left the house this morning to do some shopping, Sis had to meet a client, Brian was off hunting for a book store in San Francisco, Doyle is out of town so I am left to my own devices.

In some ways they should never leave me alone  (as I smirk).  I really like to go shopping in the morning while the air is still somewhat fresh and other drivers are not insane.   Also where I shop they have from 11 to 2 a truck lunch lot.

I guess the best way is this,  food trucks that prepare food, will park in a part of the parking lot at the shopping center that I go to, and the foodies fadies zoom in there like vultures over a Gnu kill, and they do not pay attention to their safety when cars are trying to find a parking spot, its like a grizzly form of playing chicken, only you can get sued if the pedestrian loses, even when it's their fault.  ***sigh***  and I thought shopping at Christmas time was insane.

I like to go in the morning to avoid the food trucks and the intense heat of the sun, I have a cooler for anything frozen and in hot weather it's the only way to prevent ice cream from melting. 

But on the way home I made the mistake of stopping at an estate sale, and what a magnificent sale, as Doyle would say I was over the moon!   I found a Sticklake style desk that is perfect for Coralline for her room if she had to do any home work, or just to have, the price was a steal!  And then there it was, a stuffed swordfish head, with mouth agape,  PERFECT!!!   Yes Darklings I am crazy.

The people who were conducting the sale and I made arrangements to have the desk delivered, I took the swordfish with me.  I could not believe the various things that were there, a treasure trove to be delved into!

There was  in perfect condition a military parade saddle, uniforms from WWI and II in excellent condition, American Flyer and Marx train accessories pre-WWII or very early 1950's,  teletype morse code keys, old candle stick phones,  fishing rods of every kind, light, surf, deep water, trout, and fishing reels, a boat, golf clubs of every kind, children's toys from the early 50's,  boudior items from the 1930's of which I purchased a few choice items, and a foot stool made from cow horns with red velvet cushion and many more items too numerous to list.  I had to resist the foot stool but I was tempted.

But the one thing I could not resist was a ring, 14 kt gold, with a rounded white gold quartz stone clearly showing the gold imbedded in it.  The design holding the stone was both delicate and yet substantual, either a woman or a man could wear it, if the man wore it on his pinky finger.  I had to have it, and I bought it.

And this was all before 11 a.m.

I gave them directions to my home, went home with the swordfish, ring and the few bedroom items, put away the groceries, the swordfish on the desk away from Belladonna's teeth, and had a light lunch.  But the weather was and is so warm, the house felt stuffy, even though I had the windows open. 

So I decided to rest in the shade of the sun umbrella, the  water fall on the pond splashing, my cd player that plays several discs of relaxing music, my lavendar lemonade, and Belladonna and I fell asleep!   I didn't wake up until Sis came home and saw the swordfish on the desk, she deduced that I had found something.  So I told her of my finds and about the desk to be delivered,  Sis said it might be better to have it in the Library that way Coralline could be with me when she has to do homework while I write out bills and such, that made good sense.

And just a few moments ago the folks called and said they will be by at 7 with the desk,  I can hardly wait.   Sis has gone to buy ice cream, I didn't put it on the list but she said for such a warm day its worth having for a treat.

Brian called and said to not hold dinner for him as he met some friends in the city and will be home late, so with a lovely cooked chicken salad on romaine, with dried cranberries and a bit of blue cheese and a rasberry vinagrette, chilled apricot halves with ice cream, and more lavendar lemonade we will have a lovely and relaxing dinner. 

Then tonight "666 Park Avenue" followed by Svengoolie and "The Invisible Man's Revenge" with Jon Hall, he was a handsome man. 

I cannot ask for more.

Later Darklings

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  1. Oh, I have wanted to shop at estate sales in the past but it seems never to be the right time. I'll notice the sign advertising "estate sale here today!" but I'm either in the car with someone who I know would not want to stop or I don't have time to stop or I have no money with me. One of these days, though, one of these days...