Friday, June 14, 2013

Of falling tree branches, chainsaws and Zombie playing cards~~~~

Well Darklings,

I guess I know what I'm going to be doing this weekend.

A large tree branch from one of my trees further back on my property just came crashing down and has blocked part of my driveway.

At least from what I can see nothing was damaged, so phone call to Brother Dear and his chainsaw, he'll come by tomorrow to remove the tree branch and I'll be calling some arborists to make appointments to determine the health of the tree and will it need further trimming. 

Fortunately my sister and Doyle left early this morning, I drove Doyle to the airport so my car was not blocked  but I can't drive it into the garage in the back, which for now is a good thing.   Coralline, her Mother and siblings will be coming down for the fun of watching Daddy make like the "Texas Chainsaw Massecar"   My sister in law will bring the brood in their van and Brother Dear will be down in his truck to haul the wood away, he said "Why waste good firewood?" Well I think we can split it 50/50.  After all I have a fireplace too. 

Which reminds me, I need to call the Chimney Sweep to check out and clean the fireplace and it's flue. 

It will be good to see them, and it will be Pizza for dinner tomorrow evening.   I think the children will be happy, yesterday before I came home I stopped at my local drug store and I was able to buy 4 packs of Zombie playing card decks (and one for Moi), each court card has the picture of a zombie and all the cards have helpful hints on dealing with Zombies.   Knowing the children they will come up with their own card games with those decks, maybe a form of Zombie Old Maid.

Who knows?

For now it is very warm, so Belladonna and I are going to lay down outside in the shade on the Chaise lounge, with a mister gently wafting around  to cool the air and water gently some plants as I sip some lavender lemonaid.

Later Darklings

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