Sunday, June 9, 2013

Of purchasing a new printer, the weather and Hannibal~~~~

Well Darklings,

Instead of an HP we purchased an Epson, it seems there was a wonderful sale on several that had the same whistles and bells but without the touch screen just buttons, I really perfer buttons, and with taking in the old printer (even in non-working condition) we received $50.00 off on the sale price which means the Epson cost less than the HP.  Well at my age I do love a good sound deal, and I didn't have to worry about what to do with the old printer.

But what a HUGE box, I guess it's all that styrofoam, Doyle is going to set it up this evening, better for him to be "standing on his head" to plug things in compared to Moi.

Sis got a lot of information on systems to set up for her home office, what she'll need, costs and such and since its for her work she can write it off  on her taxes.  I was wondering if I could do the same, but decided against that since it would be better to wait and upgrade the entire system and also figure out the square footage for business purposes, if I decide to work from home part-time.

But I never thought I could get so tired just printer shopping, Sis thinks its the weather, yesterday it was so warm I mean up to 106 degrees further inland, and now slightly overcast and windy and cool.  I looked up to the hills nearby and they are covered in clouds and mist, so it can be 65 where I'm at and 55 or colder up there,  and warmer than heck just on the other side of the hills.

But there was something almost mystical seeing the clouds and mist up in the hills, I almost wish I could drive up in it, being among the redwoods, shrouded by the mists, feeling the dampness of it, the cold, cool air of it, a sense of being cut off from civilization even for a few minutes.  But if it wasn't for the fact that a lot of bycilists ride up there hogging the road and not giving quarter, I would do it, but they spoil the mood and the moment,  they have no clue how dangerous a situation they create on riding on roads that are not set up to accomidate both cars and bikes.   I wish that somehow it would be designated cars only, until the roads can be redesigned to permitt both. 

As Doyle is fond of saying "There goes future organ donors"  and sadly I can only agree.  Perhaps if the weather is like this tomorrow afternoon I'll go to St. Mary's or Sunset Cemetry, perhaps St. Mary's its older.

The Crazy person that was arrested the other day is still in jail, thank goodness, but I heard that the parents are getting money together to bail him out, Doyle said he's going to talk to them tomorrow morning to persuade them not to do that if they are even thinking of it.  It would be better for everyone.

I saw the 9th episode of "Hannibal" the other evening, the imagery was very disturbing, but I wondered if Hannibal was the real serial killer, did he, through manipulation drive the other man to think of himself as the real serial killer and when he felt satisfied with the results, send the other poor man who is working with the police to finish off the experiment.   And what is with the imagery of the huge Elk?  How I wish I had seen this series from the beginning.  

But what surprised me was seeing Gillian Anderson at the last few minutes in the end, where she is being the psychiatrist to Hannibal, that nearly white blond hair was in itself disturbing.  It was like she was a femine counterpoint to Hannibal.   In some ways she reminded me of the artist whose showing my sister and I went to a few weeks ago.   I never did have a chance to talk about it.   I think I will in my next post.

Ahhhh Sis is suggesting that Doyle purchase Chinese tonight, and I am in the mood for Sweet and Sour chicken, and she's waving a DVD at me, it's the remake of the "Green Hornet" movie, I had not realized she purchased it while we were at the computer store.  Chinese and the "Green Hornet"  Hmmmm Kato could not have done better.

Later Darklings    
Sometimes I think computers are one or the other.  Don't you Darklings?


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  2. Two thumbs up for Green Hornet! Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz did great in that film! By the way, what Epson printer did you purchase? I totally agree that Epson printers are very economical. In my experience, printer ink cartridges can clog if not used frequently. This happens for most models and brands.