Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Of "High Ho, High Ho it's back to work I go...." ~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I am home from work today, only because my Boss asked me since I worked from 10 to 7 yesterday, when it should have only been from 10 to 2.  Why?  We had a major backlog and it was all hands on deck, some of it was in what I do so I couldn't leave because it was important to have the work done.

Needless to say I was exhausted, my Boss took me home so I wouldn't have to endure the stress of communiting.  Good thing he lives in Berkely, so he said since I worked in essence a double shift to take today off and rest, which I'm doing gleefully---Why?  Because the delivery of the new washer and dryer is TODAY!!!  Hooray!!!  Caloo, Calay!!!

And with the slow cooker processing dinner (it's beef stew with lots of veggies, and rice, I know Darklings, how mundane---but its comfort food time)  I don't have to worry.

I had one of you Darklings ask me why my legal situation was processed so quickly since many take months to deal with.  Well it was a series of things, one of course is we had a lot of proof to back our claim, two---there were camera's that video taped the event, three---the defendants wife wanted this settled quickly.

Yes Darklings it was the third reason that things moved so quickly.  My lawyer filled us in over our celebration dinner.   The Missus controls that house hold, maybe that is why the defendant drinks, and she didn't want anything to in any way embarress her social standing  also they were planning to leave in a few weeks on some sort of expensive vacation to Europe and nothing was going to stop her.    There are times when a "hard-headed, determined woman" can be a blessing.

According to my lawyer, the wife sized things up very quickly, assessing damage control etc. and came to a decision, which was "give the plaintiff what she wants within reason and quickly"  and even she was glad that the AA stipulation was in there.   If that had not happened the whole mess could have dragged out for months.   One thanks the powers that be for blessings.

And I found out what was all that yelling the other day, it seems that our elderly neighbors crazy son, went "off the rails" cut the phone line of our other neighbor with a garden shears, and then proceeded to cut down our other neighbor's plantings.  It was a disaster, well our neighbor had a metal baseball bat and batted the shears out of "crazys" hands while the wife called 911 on her cell phone since their land line was dead.  And then Crazy and our neighbor were rolling on the ground and Crazy was punching him.  A good thing that Doyle and another man were able to restrain Crazy till the police came.  Then Crazy said that our neighbor beat him up. 

Well our neighbor went to ER to get checked out, Crazy was taken to jail for a 72 hour psychiatric watch and our neighbor is going to press charges against Crazy, but it may be Crazy's elderly parents who may have to make good on the replacement costs of the plants, damage to the phone line and any medical costs that our neighbos insurance doesn't cover.   Doyle pleaded with the elderly parents to NOT bail their son out and let him stay in jail until the trial, it would be safer for everyone.   But parents are parents and its their son, frankly I do not see anything good coming out of this situation.   

Since we have a land line as well (my insistence) we're going to have someone put metal sheeting around the wires to make sure if Crazy does get out that he doesn't cut our lines as well. 

I saw Crazy a few weeks ago and he has that look that the shooter of the Arizona theatre and the one that shot and killed those school children have,  if you see too much white at the bottom of the eyes its a "signal" that something is going off in a not good way in that persons mind.  And it was coupled with an expression of extreme hatred, it ripped off this man in waves.  I've only seen this a few times in person and each time my assessment of the person was correct, paranoid schizophrenic and a mental ticking time-bomb.   If he is determined to do harm, nothing will stop this person.

Doyle is going to take steps at both my property and my sisters to make sure access by him is not going to be easy and that we will be alerted.

And speaking of my sister, she is moving forward to have work done on her house, we're going to have her "house guest" with us for a week or so while her home is being throughly fumigated.  Oh well what is one more guest, it will make for some interesting repartee.

Must go, the washer and dryer are here.

Later Darklings


  1. I certainly hope Crazy-Hands leaves you, your phone-line, and your plants alone. It sounds like you've had your fill of crazy- enough to last a few lifetimes!

  2. Good luck with keeping "Crazy" away from you home. We have "interesting" neighbors that I have had to call the police on before. 2 years ago they practically burned their house that time I was hoping that was the point they would move to somewhere else. No such luck.