Saturday, June 1, 2013

Of Getting myself back into the routine~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well on Monday I will go back to work, but I will be working for a month on half days, from 10 to 2, at least I'll miss the horrendous communte that BART has been inflicting on the public these last few days.

The system is so old now that it needs major upgrading and repairs.   So I will stick to using the bus and the Ferry for transportation while the weather is good, but come winter and rains I'll have to re-think it.

And then after a month both myself, my doctor and my boss we'll all do a re-evaluation if I can go back to full time again,  I think I can, but I have not pushed myself, so this will be the real test.

Yesterday was Lousies' last day, it was sad really, I've gained good friends with her and Ella and we are in touch via e-mail. 

Now my sister and I are going to do shopping we need to re-fill the pantry and we are taking laundry to the laundromate and to the dry cleaners.

I am happy to say that almost all the major work is done in the kitchen,  it moved a lot faster than I thought,  the laundry room below is  done and painted.  Tomorrow Doyle and I are going shopping for a washer and dryer,  I think we'll go to Sears, they have a good warrenty and repair program so we'll see what they have to offer.  

On the stove I'll have to wait at least another week before I could have one installed, the temporary one works fairly well but it's awkard,   so next weekend with measurements in hand for both the door to get it through and the space I want it installed we are going to this vintage stove resortration shop to see what they have and if they can take my old stove (poor thing) as a partial payment or something.

Then I hope I can relax a bit.

Dom Perignon----Ye Gods!!!  Fantastic Champage!!  The palate was never so excited as it tasted this,  where Doyle purchased it I haven't a clue, but now I know why people become so excited about it.

We had  a 1996 Moet "Oenotheque"  and it had a 95-100 rating!!!  and it cost double the quote I mentioned earlier.   Doyle was saving it for when I was able to go back to work and had it carefully hidden down in the cellar dungeon with the other wines, since I could not drink any because of the pain pills I had to take, I never ventured down there,  Doyle did just to make sure nothing was damaged from the water from the fire.

Darklings, you have to try it at least once in your lives---put it on your bucket list or something.   Now I am spoiled for anything else but I am cautious, one does not want to get greedy and to have too much would spoil my palate.

We are saving the bottle as a momento.   Even my sister was thrilled by the taste,  it's a good thing we lingered thru dinner and over desert, just savoring every drop.  And my lawyer was Sis's date, they seemed to hit it off very well.  I felt like Eliza Doolittle singing "I could have Danced all night" it was that sort of heady feeling of Joy!

And then Monday---back to "the salt mines" but I think I'll enjoy going back to work, at least I hope so, we'll see.  

Later Darklings


  1. I'm glad you are healed enough to go back to work, even if only part-time for now. You are wise to take it slowly.

    I remember the BART-to-SF commute! I couldn't use the ferry because I live in Hayward. Now I both live AND work in Hayward, with only a 15-minute commute from door to door. MUCH nicer!

    I remember when BART was new, too... Quite a difference now, isn't it?

  2. Ah, yes. Dom Perignon, we had that at my first wedding. I was such a very young thing then, 33 years ago and quite frankly I did not have the palate for it:) We have photos of me making the "squinchy face" at the taste. Since then things have changed... a bit.

    At the second wedding, we had Margaritas and many was all for fun since we both had been married before and had all the trimmings first time.

    I have to say that I think I prefer a good Margarita and friends with a casual party to the white dress and Dom Perignon;)