Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Of a Response to "Father's Day" and "666 Park Avenue"~~~

Dear Darklings, Lucritia and Rebecca,

Thank you Darklings,  Coralline and I did have a wonderful and funny sleepover and Sunday.   I wish it had been longer but her parents had plans.

Lucricia (forgive me I'm not spelling your name right) I consider myself blessed that I knew my Father for a long time he didn't pass away until his very late 70's  Mother lived some 10 or so years later passing away in '94,  my Great Aunt passed away after that living to 100, which is something and still very active, never went into a care facilty until her final illness which was blessedly short, it was the same for Mom and Dad, very active until the last few days or weeks. 

It is sad when one hasn't had a chance to know one's parents better, but in some cases, for some people it might be better.

Mother use to say about people who were difficult to be around, "Let them go, mentally bless them for the life lessons they've given you and don't put them on the pedestal of 'what might have been', it is not worth the time, energy or stress."   and she was right.

But for those that never had a chance to learn about them or know them better, it is always a gap in one's heart, what I've discovered with some friends who were in that situation, they'd like something and then later discover though some odd way that their Father or Mother (that they didn't have a chance to know very well)  liked what ever it was,  as well.  Something either in the gene's, DNA or vague memory stays with us from our parents and remains with us.   If it's good we go with it.   If it's bad we work with it to control it and not let it take over our lives.

But no matter what, whatever time we have with our parents long or short I consider a blessing, and even as an Aunt to my nieces and nephews I work with them to give them a pleasant, positive memory.  

And now for something different---My boss has asked if I could work in the afternoons this week and he will take me home so I won't have to struggle with communiting at least one way, and that is fine.  So if I post on my blog it will be in the A.M. for a while.

I have several comments on some events to post eventually but that will be in another post.

And I just checked out the upcoming television programs and "666 Park Avenue" is returning even briefly, I think it will finish out it's run, that was interupted by Hurrican Sandy.  I am so looking forward to it.  For those Darklings that like the show too, check your T.V. listings---I do that using Yahoo T.V. listings and saw that it was running on Saturday evening at 9 p.m. but it maybe different for your location.

Later Darklings must go.

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