Sunday, June 23, 2013

Of a sudden chilly, drizzly Day~~~~

Well Darklings,

Talk about a sudden change in the weather, it is chilly, and drizzly, overcast, miserable day.  Just perfect for a gloomy moody mindset.

I've even fired up the fireplace it is chilly enough.

Yesterday it was so warm and now overnight like it wants to hearld winter back.  But I understand it will be hotter than Hades come the end of next week.  Typical for the Bay Area.

The people that I purchased the desk from delivered it yesterday evening, and we found a perfect spot for it in the Library.   I invited them for coffee and they were grateful for it.  They told me that they still had a lot of stuff left over but had to put it back because they knew of the change in the weather, my sister was interested in what they had as well, and I was hoping to see more things but didn't have the chance to.

They told me that they are living in their Grandfather's house for now to sort and go through what they still want to keep and what they will sell, while their son stays at their house.  They even had two pinball machines that no one wanted, there was a third but their son wanted that one, so I suggested the pinball museum to see if the museum would be interested.

Over coffee they told us what they had and we suggested what venues to see who would be interested in buying something from them.  We also suggested the local flea markets as well, they said it's a good thing they are retired otherwise it would be impossible for them to unload all this stuff.  It seems that their Grandfather (husband's grandfather) would go around and buy things and sell it at the flea markets and on e-bay and craig's list, but he suddenly took ill and was rushed to the hospital, and passed away just a few weeks later.

His grandson said it was a kindness for him to go so quickly, but now they have all of this.   My sister remarked that his grandfather must have enjoyed the bartering and finding of things, and the man said he did, even more so when his grandmother was alive, she had passed away two years before.

 But the man's wife said that maybe this would help him be more involved in things, he'd been looking for something to do since he just retired and he was familar with the flea market trade through his grandfather.  She said even she enjoyed all the activity.  I was surprised that she said her husband had retired so I asked how old was his grandfather when he passedon and they said 98, he married very young his wife was only 16 and he was 18 when they married,  had several children in quick succession,    "We are very long lived, and my Dad married young as well, at least I was smart enough to marry at 21".   

I told her about one of my favorite antique stores "Gothic Rose Antiques"  if they had anything that would meet what the owner wanted that would be another venue.

And for the next two hours had fun suggesting various venues to sell their items, the military, hunting and fishing items at gun shows.  Other flea markets, the toys and toy trains at hobby shows.  The Wife said that would make for perfect use of their RV and just tow a small trailer holding the items behind it.  Since he is a businessman he could see all the possiblities and not have to wear a suit and tie. 

But I also asked if I and my sister could make an appointment for next week to see what else they had to offer and once they took a look around my home they could understand.  So with that planned they regretfully had to leave but I said for them to call me and I'd treat them to a tour of my home and treat them to dinner.  They leaped at the offer.

And so my sister and I relaxed watching "666 Park Avenue" and regret that there would be only 3 more epsiodes left.  We enjoyed the speical effects in "The Invisible Man's Revenge" and I loved the evening gown that Gale Sonnegard was wearing.  Brian came home right in the middle of the movie, but he had called us that he was on his way, we offered to pick him up at the station but he said he'd take a taxi from the BART station to the house, he didn't feel comfortable with us being out late.

My sister has made some delicious stew, which even now the aroma is wafting about the house, but she said we are going to have to go stove shopping soon, but most likely after the 4th of July holiday.  I cannot believe it has gotten so chilly that I needed one of my heavier sweaters.  Even Belladonna is bundled up in hers.

And now I need to plan what I will wear for the next few days and lay out those clothes, the weather is enough to make a person sleepy.  For that is what I feel like doing, so maybe I can catch a short cat-nap before dinner, since most of it is ready.

Later Darklings

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