Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Of Major Celebration or "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!"~~~~

My Dear Darklings,

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU all, Trisha, Lucretia, Tea and all you wonderful, wonderful Darklings for you Best Wishes!!!

In just a few words-----I WON!!!!  EVERYTHING!!!

He is paying for all the medical expenseses that was not covered by my medical plan that I had to pay out of pocket, he is paying for the replacement cost of the "nearly new" car that I purchased, he is paying all lawyer/legal fees and he will pay for any continuing medical treatment and therapy up to two years.  He is also re-imbusrsing me for 1/2 the costs of my two caregivers.  I wanted the full amount but my Lawyer said we were in the home streach and to not "blow it".    And he is paying me the difference in loss income because I had to go on disablity which pays less.

Oh there was some consessions from me, but they were minor.  All so he won't lose his job and position, it seems he gets paid "Very Well".  But there was one thing I would not budge on.  I insisted that he admit he had an drinking problem and to go to AA for treatment and that he had to stay with the program for at least 2 years, the same time that covers my continuing medical treatment.  If he didn't there would be serious ramifications.  He accepted the terms.

Darklings, it was a mild day, the room was comfortable but he was sweating "buckets".  The overwhelming evidence nearly made him faint, as a matter of fact I thought he would.   Later, his lawyer informed my lawyer who informed me that he realized that not only would I have won in court but if we insisted on a jury trial it most likely would have resulted in him being bankrupted and losing his job.  But my lawyer told me that if I had been so injured that I could not work anymore or was going to be in a wheelchair there would have been a trial and he still would have lost.

I half expected the man to be arrogant, and I think in other circumstances he would have been, but for what we had.   There was a woman with him who never said a word, never looked at me just down at the confrence table,  I found out later she was his wife, and the look on her face would have made God run in fear, and the look was not directed at me or my lawyer, but at her husband at the conclusion of the meeting.  My lawyer said that the wife has "major bucks", extremely monied, I thought so by the cut of her clothes and the expensive diamond pin she wore on her jacket.  I knew it wasn't costume jewerly.

And now I'm home, HOME!!  Relaxing, typing on my computer, Louise called me to find out the results and was happy for me, I'll see her tomorrow and Friday and then sadly she will be off to another assignment.  My sister called our brother to give him the good news which he will inform his family, seems there is some event at School and he's to join them there.

Doyle is insisting that he treat us to a very fancy dinner, I do wish that Chez Pannisse was open but he is going to surprise me, and Sis is setting up the television to record "Law and Order" at 8 p.m. something about the murder of a female vampire, which should be interesting viewing for later.  And my Doctor said that if I'm not taking any pain pills tonight I can have a glass of wine. 

What wine, it will be Champagne!!!  Doyle surprised me with a bottle of Dom Perion Oh you know Darklings, the Champagne that "James Bond" drinks although not the most expensive vintage, but at $250 dollars a bottle expensive enough!  It was enough to make my eyes grow wide and pop out of my head!  Where he got it I haven't a clue, but Doyle can be that way.

And now my Sister is insisting that I go upstairs and freshen up and put on my most glamorous dress, and to be on the safe side my fanciest cane. 

Later Darklings


  1. I thought I had already posted this, but, CONGRATS!!

  2. Hoorah!!
    "I insisted that he admit he had an drinking problem and to go to AA for treatment and that he had to stay with the program for at least 2 years, the same time that covers my continuing medical treatment. If he didn't there would be serious ramifications." GOOD FOR YOU!

  3. Thank You My Darklings!!

    I am still in a glorious happy state today. Doyle told me that he didn't know I was making the AA treatment as part of my demands and he was thrilled as well.

    He also told me that he knows he better stay on my "good side".

    Thank You again Darklings!

  4. Congratulations and very well done on getting the "go to AA for treatment" in the settlement. Excellent:)

    It is so nice to hear about a happy ending in a case like yours.