Sunday, May 12, 2013

Of a Spa Weekend part 3~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Just a short post I'm afraid.  Sis and I just came back to the Resort after a wonderful day of shopping.  I really like to do window shopping just to see what the style are coming out, so much better than watching fashion week with the models doing their strange sort of strutting that is nothing close to normal.

And yes I did buy a few things, but I love riding in Sis's car a Chrysler seibering touring convertible model although we kept the top up to avoid getting sun burned, I love her car with it's midnight blue color with an underlay of shimmer and the tan top and interior, classy and noir at the same time. 

Sis has promised that we would do a lovely ride in the late evening after the Sun has set up in the woods, she is a very good driver, we may even go to the observatory for a star gazing event.

 I bought a new swim suit, a one piece, sorry Darklings, even though my body is in good shape I do not expose my navel, and I know what some of you are thinking "What? Vampire Rose getting a tan?"  Not really my Darklings, I prefer to swim at twilight, it's more sensuous (and with my long hair I do need to wear a bathing cap), and also if I'm getting into a more public jacuzzi I'm at least covered up. 

Sis has one more massage planned, something with hot rocks, all I know is my back is feeling wonderful, and then dinner and a drink since I've not needed to take any medication for my back I can indulge in at least one drink.

Then tomorrow we check out after breakfast, this has been a wonderful break and Sis was right I needed to re-balance my mind a bit.

Now I must go Sis says we don't want to be late for our final treat.

Later Darklings

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  1. Your spa weekend sounds divine:) I must give a spa weekend a try soon. I live in the middle of nowhere but Chicago and Indianapolis are each only a few hours I should investigate what those places there offer. Your posts have convinced me :)