Sunday, May 12, 2013

Of a Spa Weekend Part 2~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I have to say I feel so relaxed as to be almost limp.  But Sis has more things planned, so this will be a short post before we leave to go----Dare I say it?    SHOPPING!!!

I am not even sure if I'm going to buy anything, but I love to at least window shop.

We had a nice early breakfast before the Mother's Day brunch crowd came quietly in.

Sometimes I think I might have missed something by not having children of my own, but then I think being an Auntie makes up for it.  It takes a special committed person to be a Mother or Father or to be lucky to have both that are committed and can balance their day between work and family.  

Yes Darklings, even I can say in this day and age, balance between those two worlds is important.

I asked Sis if she felt left out because her children are so far away and are celebrating with their Mothers-in-law and she said sometimes but even a wise Mother needs to learn that there will be a time when they have to share their child's time with others.  The important years are the early one's to create a positive bond, so that even when they are teenagers and adults they can turn to you with perfect trust to ask for help or an honest opinion.  She did have a chance to talk to them on the phone Thursday evening to catch up and they did send cards and gifts.  I even received a gift of living orchids to put into the green house, all dark purple with wonderful colorful centers, just before we left for our SPA weekend.  I love things that will last forever.

And now we are off to the City by the Bay to shop, Saks, Macy's, Nordstrom, I think we'll even pop in to the Chanel Boutique.  Ahhhh wicked indulgence, just my perfect pleasure.

Later Darklings

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