Thursday, May 23, 2013

Of "Grim and Gory, Attorney's at Law" and other updates~~~

Dear Darklings,

Again I Thank You.

If my comment about what it is to be Goth, resonates with your personal feelings then I am Happy to have in some small way inspired you.

Perhaps that is why I also enjoy “The Addams Family” and “The Munsters”, in spite of being different, they are also family, with family values.

Now for something different---- I did promise to “talk” about happier things.

First updates on the progress on the kitchen and laundry room (yes that was involved because of water damage). The sheetrock walls in the laundry room have been replaced and even now is being painted. The support beams and posts are dry so we will not have to worry about mold, thank goodness.

Next will be the purchasing of a new washer and dryer, Doyle’s friends took the old one’s away but one of his friends thinks he might be able to work on them so they can be used at a homeless shelter or women’s shelter. If they can that would be wonderful.

Much of the basic work in the kitchen is still being worked upon, my major concern was matching the metal ceiling tiles, but Hank found an answer. It seems that the cupboards have the same tiles, so they will be carefully removed and modern reproductions that nearly match the pattern will be installed in the cupboard area; the old ones that are original to the house will be installed over the stove area, if there is not enough, then a mixture of old and new will be intergraded over that area.

Hank found a cleaning crew that handles clean up after fires and are now washing down the ceiling and walls etc. in the Butler’s pantry. I know some of you are wondering why I’ve not had my weekly maid service do that, well it is a bit more specialized and it was better for me to have them do their regular assignments, a bit more briefly. One of the ladies did help to move all the fancy china etc. from the butler’s panty to the dinning room table, and cover it with a large old sheet to protect as much as possible from the dust.

We still are either eating out or getting take out, my brother has invited us over Saturday and Sunday for dinner, something we all are looking forward to, I have not seen my niece Coralline or her over-active brothers in what seems like ages.

My sister’s progress on the purchasing of her home will be complete tomorrow with the signing of a lot of papers. With the permission of the bank and the realtor, she had her friend move in and “camp-out” in the living room to prevent copper theft, and he managed to clean up one of the bathrooms for his use, Sis is going to pay him for that hard work. Then she is next going to have the place completely fumigated, and cleaned. It is a good thing she makes good money and has a hefty savings account. She says it will mostly be a good size tax right off. But I am so happy she will again have her own place that she can work out of.

As much as I love having her live with me, and she could for as long as she wants, it is only right that she has a place of her own to decorate the way she wants and live in it the way she wants, although I do believe she will be dropping by very frequently, we are even thinking of installing a connecting gate between our back yards, although hers is not quiet as deep as mine, it is good sized.

I can now happily say that the root canal work is done and we are onto the crown work, once that is done I can finally relax.

I am scheduled to go back to work in June, just in time to cover for some of the staff who are going to graduations and the first blast of vacations. I fear that I will not be able to take a vacation this year, expect maybe for a long weekend or two. But my plans for another wine vacation will have to be put on hold this year. C’est La Vie. But that is not to say that I will be staying at home, no, there are the weekends, so who knows where the winds will take me, so to speak.

I will regret losing Louise, she has been wonderful but come May 31 that will be her last day, however she does have another assignment lined up so she will not be out of work I’m happy to say. I am keeping hers and Ella’s contact information for just in case.

Belladonna has been a bit upset with the strangers coming in and out of the house, so I’ve made arrangements to have her stay with my elderly neighbor during the day and occasionally stay at the Doggie day care, get her back to feeling something close to her normal routine.

I am able to walk around the house much better and without the use of the cane, but my Doctor did advise that I use the cane while I commute too and from work, as a precaution. And I still will have to see the therapist periodically as well.

The idiot who ran into my car has finally conceded to settle out of court and next week we and our lawyers will meet to settle terms, my lawyer said that I will get what I want, the man is frightened about losing. It seems that if he does go to court there would be some serious ramifications for him, what I don’t know, my lawyer would not elaborate, but he said for me to walk in using my cane to prove a point.

I have gotten into the habit of watching “Perry Mason” at 12 noon prior to having lunch, and lately they’ve been having a T.V. host on by the name of Greg Gory. And I finally caught up to a newish T.V. program called “Grim”, I remarked about that to Doyle last night and he said “That would make for a perfect name for a Gothic law practice if those two names were paired.

I looked at Doyle for a moment and then it hit me “Grim and Gory, Attorney’s at Law”----that would put it right up there with “Dewey, Cheatum and Howe” I nearly put out my back with laughing as Doyle and I went on with coming up with other businesses to pair with those names like “Grim and Gory, Funeral Directors” and others. They do say that laughter is the best medicine.

As a matter of fact there are several newish T.V. programs that I hope to catch up with such as “Motive”, “Grim” and Hannibal” they might be just what I need for the T.V. summer doldrums, besides reading my wonderful collection of books from the Friends of the Library Booksale.

Now I must go, my contractor friend Hank is asking me to look at something.

In my next post I’m going to give my thoughts on some of the fashions for Spring (which I’ve nearly missed) and Summer.

Later Darklings

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  1. I am so glad you discovered Grimm. It is one of my favorite shows. A good old "monster of the week" sort of thing.

    Love to hear what you think of Hannibal. I have been watching and am interested is how it developes.

    Sounds like lots of good things going on with you and your house:)