Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Of Happy Birthday Christopher Lee and memories of him~~~~

Dear Darklings,

My sister and I spent yesterday evening celebrating the 91st birthday of film actor Christopher Lee, best known for his portrayal of Dracula  and many other roles as well as being innovative.  Just see this brief list.

And besides being a Bond villian he is directly decended from Charlemane and is a cousin to Ian Flemming who originally wanted Lee to play the part of "Dr. No".  He was in the group picture of the album cover for Wing's "Band on the Run" album and many other things that are too numerous to list.

My sister and I nearly swooned when he told Johnny Depp in "Dark Shadows" to take a long walk off a short pier in his perfect precise diction.  His body of film work is so numerous that he could easily walk circles around other actors.  At one of the awards programs he was given a standing ovation.  And he was in not only the "Dark Shadows" movie but also the headless horseman one (title I can't remember) with Johnny Depp.  He's been in murder mysteries, Science Fiction, Westerns, horror films, spy adventures, documentaries, and he was a good friend of Peter Cushing.

Years ago, when I and my sister were finally given permission to date boys, Mother and Dad always had reservations about where we were going on our dates, and would give us a long litany of what to be careful about, a long, long litany of all the tricks and ruses boys would do to try and get even near "3rd base". 

BUT for some reason we never got it if we were going to a movie that was starring Christopher Lee.  WHY??  Well let me give you an example:

One of the young boys that I was dating was old enough to own and drive a car, which for our parents was scary enough, so I was warned about underage drinking and if my date started drinking strong spirits I was to find a telephone and call Dad immediately and Dad would come and get me.   Only once did I have to resort to that, and I never dated that boy again.   Mother also made sure that I had pinned to my bra, coins for a telephone call and money for a taxi and tokens for bus fare (yes Darklings we use to have special bus tolkens, if we found one on the street that was like finding a dollar for us), so we never were stranded and if a boy was going to drive us to a "necking spot" we'd say we were hungry and ask to stop at an "A & W driven in" for a hamburger and then I'd pretend I'd have to go to the bathroom and instead call Dad.

Once I had a very determined young date who insisted on going to the "necking spot" first and then eat, I wasn't having any of that, I told him to first pull over and park the car I needed a light to see to get something out of my purse, I was fortunate that he did that on a well-lighted street; when he did I quickly reached over, turned off the engine and pulled out the key and threw it out of the car.  I then got out and dashed to a house with a porch light on and called my Dad.  I was very greatful for the elderly couple that understood my situation and to the husband that chased off my agressive date and called the police who had a very serious talking to that young man.

Needless to say both my sister and I didn't have many dates so we were not part of the so-called "popular" crowd, but we both made important contacts and became friends with young men and women who were not part of that group and whose peers thought they were "nerds".  Many of these "nerds"  in their later years became very influential and made money and my sister and I were very grateful for their friendship.

But back to Christopher Lee----

I did on serveral occasions have young men take me to a drive-in movie but I'd always ask first what was showing, and check to see who was in the film.
I was selective about which films and more often than not say no.
When my date would pick me up Mother and Dad would ask where we were going and I'd tell them where and what movie, they'd ask who was in the movie and if I said "Christopher Lee" they would just say "O.K. have fun" and nothing more was said.

Because Christopher Lee would be in the movie, when my date would make like an 8 to 10 arm octopuss I'd always say "Wait Christopher Lee is on screen" and push my date away and be totally mesmerized by Mr. Lee.
I'd have to say that the gentleman saved mine and my sister's virtue more than once.

So we had last night a Christopher Lee Film Festival with first "Horror of Dracula" followed by "Dracula, Prince of Darkness" and then with Lee being a good guy pair with Peter Cushing in "Horror Train" with Telly Savalas in a fun role.

And Peter Cushing, also an elegant man who could play villians and heros equally well.

I mean who else besides Christopher Lee, could verbally "bitch-slap" Darth Vadar.
I wept when I heard he had passed on.

Both Lee and Cushing were in Laurence Oliver's "Hamlet"  Lee as a guard with a speaking role who first see's the ghost and Cushing as the fop, "Osric".   Although not in the same scene, in the same movie.

They both can, as my brother (who is also a Lee/Cushing Fan) "kick butt".

But let us not forget Vincent Price, and his accomplishments, actor, art conissure, gourmet cook, author, lecturer, and scary voice in Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

What, my Darklings, do all three of these gentlemen have?
Class, elegance, knowledge, and More Class
Something that I wish more of our young people had.

And that is also another thing that young Goths, whether they are heavy metal, steampunk, Victorian, or Corporate should always, ALWAYS have no matter at what age, is Class, Courtesy,and Compassion, what I call the "Three C's"

So with this final image, Remember my Dear Darklings, the Three C's.

Their birthdays were very close together, (Vincent Price May 27, 1911, Peter Cushing May 26, 1913, Christopher Lee May 27, 1922) so I propose that the last weekend in May be Lee, Cushing and Price weekend---plan on Gothic Horror Film Festivals in the evening starting at 6 p.m., with costume contests, and O.K. BBQ's during the day and Gothic items for sale (O.K. that is a bit commercial) but also to display one's hearse or Goth car as well as lectures about the Horror films and novels, and about the history of monsters, and how they creep into our subconsious mind and what do they represent and WHY DO WE LOVE THEM SO!!!

As a matter of fact, I am going to propose this to my sister, brother and Doyle that we plan on something of this sort---Halloween in May!! as well as October----Do you think that would "fly" my Darklings???

Later Darklings


  1. I, for one, have absolutely NOOOO problem with an 'extra' Halloween in May or any other month!

    And three cheers for Lee, Cushing and Price, may their elegant Darkness live forever!

  2. Hmm, I could have used some of your "virtue" in my earlier years, lol! I also adore Lee, and I agree with you about "The Three Cs". Class is sorely lacking in this modern age, when too many confuse class with snobbery!

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  4. I am inspired to pull out all my dvds with Christopher Lee, Vincent Price or Peter Cushing and have a "swoon-fest":)

    I have to admit that all three greatly influenced my taste in men even to this day.

    Wonderful post:)


  5. Oh my Darklings,

    It was the same with these three gentlemen that I began to realize what I wanted in a man and I wasn't going to settle for less, even if it meant that I might never find him.

    That is why Doyle and I are so nearly perfect together, it wasn't until he got older that his face and body finally became just right, tall 6'4", darkly handsome (he has/had black hair, it has some grey now) and wonderfully menacing (which made him very perfect as a police officer--now retired).

    But we do on occasion have our "hissy-fits", then we go to opposite corners, sulk, think, muse and then apologize to each other but only about fighting, never about the subject and agree to disagree, we each know that the other has their opinions on things and we eventually compromise.

    Would that more young people were like our "heros"...."swoon-fest" I like that idea.