Monday, May 6, 2013

Of News updates and other things~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I am going to hate to go back to work, I've been enjoying posting almost everyday, but eventually I must.

I'm going in this week to work, to see how things are going, Louise will go with me and we are taking "Heavens!" the public transportation.  It's much easier than driving.  If you drive in San Francisco you have to be insane or Mario Andrei.

The news as its developing has been interesting and more Human Interest.

On the Boston Bombers Front, the 2nd bomber is still in the prison medical ward.  The first bombers body was finally released and claimed, not by his wife, but by his other family members, his wife did not wish to claim it and released it to his family.

The cause of his death were gun shot wounds as well as serious head and body trauma, caused by his younger brother when he drove over his older brother in a chaotic get a way attempt, so even his own brother killed him.

His wife is distancing herself as far as possible from her late husband, even going so far as going back to using her maiden name.  She has allowed his family to claim the body, his Uncle who lives in the US is handling this and a funeral director who is familiar with Muslim rituals is handling the arrangements, even though he is being protested by a very upset crowd.  The funeral director understands the crowds' reaction and sympathises with them but he said everybody needs a decent funeral.  However there is no cemetery that is willing to bury the body.  He and the family may have to look further.

Which is understandable, the graves of Lee Harvey Oswald was desecrated as well as the graves of other murderers who have inflicted great physical and physcological harm.

It reminded me of one time when my Mother, who was usually a very calm, almost unruffled woman, became very angry at a former neighbor going so far as to say to that person "I will not be happy until I can spit in your coffin and dance on your grave."  That neighbor moved within a few weeks after that incident.  Mother could be a very forceful woman if provoked.

There is proof that the bombs were made in the first bombers' home, the 2nd bomber confirmed that.  But they managed to hide that from the wife, all while they were taking care of the baby....endangering that child.

The three friends of the 2nd bomber have had some developments,  the one who is a US citizen that has been accused of lying to the FBI,  has had a petition put in front of the Judge by both the Defense and the Prosecution to have him released under a $100,000 bond, and very strict monitoring which includes an ankle bracelet and home confinement, both say he is not a flight risk.  The Judge will make a decision on that.

The other two friends that were arrested for removing and destroying evidence are still in jail and at this time considered flight risks.

Recently there was an article in the Christian Science Monitor possibly May 2, about "Why do Teenagers do that?"  in short make bad choices that can seriously affect their futures in a negative way.  Many psychologists are looking at these 4 teenagers all age 19, to study their behavior of their choices and it could make very interesting inroads on teen behavior and possibly give answers to other teens who have been involved in lethal events.

My sister is looking into all new articles that talk about this behavior and is going to have a chance to discuss this with some of her colleagues.

We have had very cool weather develop here in the Bay Area which is bringing some much needed relief to the wild fires both north and south of us, and if it continues could bring containment that much sooner.

The sudden rain shower we had yesterday morning was unexpected, I and Sis were enjoying a cup of coffee when the droplets started, we were able to get to the back covered deck when the down pour came, so we decided to finish our coffee and enjoy the sudden summer-like rain shower.

After the squall was over Sis went and gathered the furniture and moved it to the back deck, and wiped it down to dry, I wanted to help with moving them but she said that she didn't want me to re-injure my back before it healed, fortunately we had not put the cushions on them but she is not taking any chances.

This year California has experience over 680 wild fires, 200 more than last year at this time, so there is concern that this is going to be a seriously dangerous fire year.

After that squall, Sis suggested that I keep the wicker furniture that I received as a gift on the covered back deck to protect it and instead have metal furniture in the yard, but I didn't want to buy anything at this time, until she showed me in the back yard of the house next door that she's buying this old, from the 1950's metal garden furniture, it would need sanding and painting but I was very enchanted by it.  It appeared that there were 2 sets, we think that my former neighbor had been finding and hoarding these pieces, perhaps for re-sale, but she could have a set and I could too.

More projects to work on. 

In looking into the fashion magazine and such I've noticed a trend for this Summer, I'll "talk" more about it in another post.

I feel I need to get away from the tragedy of Boston for now, as Mother and Dad would say "Its now in the lap of God".

Later Darklings

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  1. Good luck with going back to work:)

    Can't wait to read what you think of some of the new fashion trends for summer. The new "sheer" plum/sangria lip colors are something I can certainly enjoy and not have to worry about looking like an old lady trying to look 25 or worse yet like Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane".