Thursday, May 16, 2013

Of Progress on Kitchen Fire Repairs~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Just a brief post, the workmen started at 8 a.m. today and are moving very quickly and efficiently, time line as to when things will be done is hard to say, but they are shooting for us to have hot water tonight,  as Coralline and Miranda would say "Whoo Hooo!!!"

To Underground for Tea (I hope I have your name right)  yes we too are glad no one was hurt, Doyles' firemen friends although retired, their training kicked in and everyone kept their heads, I think the spirit of my Great-Aunt was working with them.   I'm also glad that you found the description of my reactions so funny, now that I've had a chance to reflect upon it yes it was funny.  Sis said to me that she had not realized how "powerful" I could be when riled.   I told her it was a good thing that common sense prevailed or there would have been a massacre.

To Rebecca  I do recommend having a Spa weekend at least once a year, save up for it, it is your time to indulge and have "Me Time", if you can afford to do mini-spa treatments do that as well, like a hand massage it is worth it and I have the names of two vintage Stove shops here in the Bay Area so I think I will have very good luck in finding the right stove for the house.

Now for all of you who enjoy Fashion and Nails I plan on posting that later on in the week, and I know some of you have been asking about the Artist Reception that Sis and I attended that too will be posted.  And I've had a couple of you ask about the story of our older brother that also will be posted, but I need to reflect upon it more.

Right now I am going over to my neighbors house to enjoy their shower, Sis returned just now and she'll be leaving to see a client of hers and the workmen are busy on the job, Belladonna is at my elderly neighbor being properly spoiled and Doyle and Hank have their heads together about were to best purchase the bead board or tongue and groove boarding for the kitchen and would it be possible to salvage or replace the tin ceiling portion over the stove.   Good thing I told the insurance man that my insurance is hefty because of the historical architectural significance of the house, so it is important to properly restore it.

Must go.
Later Darklings

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