Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Of a "Haunted House" and a ghostly artist~~~~

Hello Darklings,

It is the 1st of May, May Day at time when young girls and boys would dance around a phallic may pole with ribbons to entwine it, in celebration of Spring and the coming of Summer.

My sister had declared that she is taking a vacation for a week to see about getting some things done, and with this very warm weather I totally agree.  Not that I have to worry about seeing things done, just the usual things.

Yesterday afternoon Sis took me through a tour of the house she has started the process of buying, it is good size, not as big as my Great Aunts but with plenty of room, she has plans for it, she has decided to use the house as her home base for her work, the living room is very good size perfect for  group sessions of 20 to 30 people, the dinning room is smaller but can work out the same way for 10 to 12 people.

It has 3 bed rooms 3 1/2 baths, Kitchen with nice size breakfast nook and pantry, washer and dryer just off the kitchen,  2 car garage, nice back yard with some fruit trees for shade, but what  really sold her was a office library just off the entrance hall, good size, with built in wood shelving which appears to be original to the house.

The flooring in the dinning room has to be redone from what the growers did, some damage to the walls, the kitchen and bathrooms are filthy.   But our contractor friend said the plumbing is sound and not damaged, but because the previous owners  built an illegal funky family room in the basement  with illegal wiring, the wiring is just horrible and dangerous also what the growers did certainly didn't help.  But even I could feel the sensation of something crawling on me and watching me. 

But what was so very nice is the enclosed porch, one can enjoy the back yard even in the winter time, Sis feels that she can bring a very tropical look to it, very 1950's Hawaii, which I know she would love to retire to but its too expensive, but who says you can't bring Hawaii to you.

So she will use the house as her base of operations for her psychology work, and do a lot less traveling around, that is her focus. So we'll know in about 30 days if all goes well.  But Sis feels very confident and positive about it.

She treated me to dinner last night, Doyle is out of town on assignment,  while we were dinning a very beautiful and ethereal young woman came into the dinning room with her male companion, but there was something strange about them, then I finally put my finger on it, they were romantic Goths, but wearing modern clothing. 

She was dressed all in white, even her nylons and shoes were white as well as her nail polish, her lipstick was pale and shimmering, and her hair was a very pale blond, and her complexion appeared flawless and pale, with only the barest hint of color to her cheeks and white shimmering eye shadow. She wore white pearls on her neck and ears.

Just as she was fair, he was dark haired, clean shaven,  pale complexion, dressed in a black well cut suit, dark blue shirt, black tie, black shoes and socks, he wore one ring of white gold with a black onyx stone. I had suspected that with such dark hair one would see even the barest hint of shadow on his face, but then I realized his hair was dyed dark and that he really is blond.

They appeared to be in their mid-twenties,  but they also appeared to be ageless, the woman glanced at our table, looked away and then looked back, finally she stood up and with effortless grace came over to our table and introduced herself.  It turned out that my suspicions were correct, they both were Goth and she knew several of my artists friends.  She gave me her card and wrote on the back where she was having a showing of her work and wanted us to come and see it, a reception to be held this Saturday.

Both Sis and I are going but I asked her about her attire, and she said that she has always been attracted to white and gold and she never goes any darker than the color bone or the palest beige.  She confessed that she orders her clothing from Jessica London, Roman's, Talbot's and a few other catalog stores, and loves to hunt through TJ Max as well as Nordstrom Rack.

But she said that she had to look at me twice, for she though for a moment that I was Gloria Holden come back to life.  It seems that the movie "Dracula's Daughter" had inspired her in her art work.  We made plans to have coffee sometime soon after the art reception.   After she went back to her table my sister said she would love to analyze her, I said to Sis "You're included in the coffee invitation as well" and wickedly smiled at Sis while she wickedly smiled back at me.

If the young lady's
 art work reflects both her inner and outer self, both ethereal and dark it should prove to be very interesting.

Later Darklings

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  1. Your sister's new potential home sound very interesting...I hope her bid is accepted and all goes smoothly. Buying homes can be, exasperating to say the least.

    My goodness...Gloria Holden come back to live, what a wonderful compliment:) It sounds like you must look like the femme fatale gothic lady you advise the elder goths to strive for. Bravo!

    As I was shopping for new nail polish the other day I was reminded of your various posts on colors for the mature goth. I picked up a wonderful dark burgundy with golden shimmer, and a sheer lip gloss that matches perfectly.