Saturday, May 4, 2013

Of Dental Surgery, book sales and wild fires~~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well the dental treatment went much better than expected, my dentist feels that two more treatments will finish the root canal part of it and then to proceed onto crowning the tooth, its a back molar and he'd prefer a gold crown but I want something more natural looking, considering that all the new materials hold up just as good.

But we will discuss that as we get closer to that portion of it.  I really don't like dentists visits but at my age, frankly at any age, good dental care both at home and with your dentist is important, that I why I've been able to keep all my teeth for such a long time.  Mother told me a long time ago, that prenatal care is important for bones and teeth for the expected baby.   By eating healthy and taking vitamins and doing what your doctor says almost guarantees that the baby's health, teeth and bones will be in excellent shape.

The one thing that does bother me is people going to extremes of teeth whitening, I have seen on people teeth so white that they are un-natural in color, as a matter of fact my dentist has said that teeth should not be white/white but an off-white or pale cream color.  So instead of whitening it should be lightening.

Now I love coffee so every so often I do have my teeth lightened but to a more natural light color to take any coffee staining out, and its less harsh on the dental enamel.  That is something that always worries me.

For me after the root canal treatment I'm a wreck, and my jaw and palate hurt from the shots, so I take Vicodin for the pain and almost always fall asleep that is why its important for me to have someone drive me to my dentist appointment when its something this extreme, dental cleaning is not a problem, but this.

So I came home and napped, for a while.   Then it was time to go to the book sale.

Considering how Hot it has been I knew it would be warm at the book sale, so I dressed comfortably, black cotton shirt and skirt and comfortable walking shoes, one is on one's feet a lot.

On the opening night I encountered nice people and rude people, the ones that I know are buying for re-sale can be the most rude, I was looking at one book and this man was going to take it out of my hand, I slapped his wrist and told him to back off or I would bite him, that he had no right to remove a book from my hand that I was going to purchase, and if he wanted to make a Federal offence of it I would call over one of the book sale attendants to have them call the police.  And I gave him a hard stare, he backed off.

I did alert one of the book sale chair persons and they dealt with the man.  It was interesting because some of the other buyers that I know re-sell stayed away from me. 

And the book that I was buying was "Roy Rodgers and the Rimrock Riders" 1952, Whitman Publications,  I am going to give that to my brother for his birthday, he loves Roy Rodgers, the Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, etc. and I knew he'd love this book, along with a couple of others that I found at other places.

I did find a very old book printed in 1910 titles "Apparitions"  it was a bound monograph about the reasons for the appearance of ghosts or spirits.  I thought it would make a nice addition to my Cabinet of Curiosities, and I found at the bottom of a pile, an old small Catholic Missal from the 1890's.  Sis came over to look at it and gave me an idea when she said "Hmmm you could put it together with a vampire killing kit, it's the right age."  My sister can be as wicked as me.

Sis had been looking over the reference and history/biography section of materials for her own personal library, sometimes she gets lucky in finding out of print works in her field.  Then we edged over to the Mystery section, and I found a number of good reads for those rainy winter nights or long summer evenings, including 5 re-printed hardcover James Bond books with their covers---those are keepers.

We filled 5 boxes of our selections and a nice man with a dolly transported them to our car.  Over this weekend we'll pull them out and put them into the Library waiting for us to transport our minds to other places, adventures and the deepest darkest minds of evil. 

I was reluctant last night to eat anything tough so Sis heated up some Butternut Squash soup, and the soft centers of Sourdough french bread, she dipped the outer crust into her soup, ordinarily I would have but I still felt tender.

We watched the news last night and they talked about the fires down in Riverside, heading to Malibu and with 50 mile an hour winds, over 18,000 acres destroyed, homes burned, people given orders to leave, and fires up North as well near Calistoga threatening vineyards.  And just across the bay grass fires in Brisbane, and another large grass fire down in San Jose near a shopping mall.  The whole State of California is so tinder dry that fire season has started early, our good rain fall stopped in January, and although our reservoirs are at 97% full for us here, the winds, the heat, the lack of rain has made conditions very dangerous, both in the country and in Urban and Suburban areas. 

Sis is concerned about pyromaniacs, or foolish children or teenagers, but some could have started very simply by a carelessly tossed cigarette.  This morning I got up and made sure that the water was on the plants both front and back and I'm going to have it run again tonight using any cistern water,  Sis also got up early and watered the front area of the house she's going to buy.  A neighbor of ours told us that his elderly neighbors that live next to him, have their son living with them in a room built into their garage, and the son is, as he puts it a 51/50, so he is very concerned.  For some reason I feel that this Summer is going to become very interesting.

And now Sis is ready and wants to go hunting Yard sales, no re-conceived ideas, just driving around and having fun.  I like the idea already and Belladonna is ready to hang her head out the window and sniff interesting scents.

Later Darklings

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