Saturday, May 18, 2013

Of hot showers---yes! yes!! yes!!!~~~~

Yes My Darklings  We now have HOT WATER!!!!!

Hank was able to have the gas turned on once a new gas pipe was installed for the kitchen stove what ever style of stove that will be.

I was very greatful that there had not been any damage to the hot water heater, and Doyle and I enjoyed a wonderful hot shower together, although Sis said we were a 'little noisy'.  Well even at my age I can enjoy it, I'm not dead YET! 

But it still will be a while before I can buy a stove, all the prep work has been done and things will begin in earnest next week.

I am going to give my neighbor an appreciation gift for the use of their shower, they love going to the movies so I think a $100 gift certificate to the movie theatre of their choice would be a good things, and I told them if their water bill shows an increase I'd be happy to pay the difference. 

Louise and her daughter and I were able to clean a lot of the soot in the breakfast nook and the dishes but Hank knows a professional cleaners that can go though the kitchen and give an idea if there is any soot damage in the other parts of the house, although the swinging door between the kitchen and the "butler's pantry" (different from the food pantry) and the swinging door between the "butler's pantry' and the dinning room seems to have helped contain it, although the "butler's pantry" ceiling and walls will need washing. 

But we are going to wait until after the work is done in the kitchen.  Tonight its Chinese Take Out, I've included Louise and her daughter for dinner and I'll give her daughter a tour of the house and grounds, she is just amazed by it.

Tomorrow I hope to put up two postings on the blog, for now must go.

Later Darklings


  1. Yay, hot water! You never realise how much you'll miss it until it's gone, do you.

  2. Oh Soooo True Kellie!!! So, So True!!!

    Take care.