Saturday, May 11, 2013

Of a Spa Weekend just starting~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well Sis and I are here at, of all places, the Claremont Resort, close enough and far enough from the cares of the world and local events.

We checked in yesterday afternoon, and once settled we had our first massage.  Then tea and a late dinner.

Today so far we've had breakfast and Sis has a series of spa treatments and beauty works lined up for the day.  We are not checking out until Monday morning, Sis's prescription for mental health.

She had made a serious request of me, I am to not read a newspaper or magazine, other than fashion magazines, no media news, nothing except relaxing music. 

Why you ask?   Well she felt that since I was pretty much confined to home, I was not reaching out mentally for mental stimulation to give my mind a balanced outlook.  We spent the rest of Friday evening, discussing this.   She thought I was going too far into the "dark", and needed to bring a little light into my mind.

Of course once I go back to work that will be of tremendous help for me mentally.  But she's right, I did feel that my mind was becoming constrained.  So I'm following her prescription, but I have to admit my fingers are itching to read a newspaper.

Another thing that we touched on briefly was the loss of our older brother, something that we both felt needed to be aired, but we'll reserve it for another time.

I had one person ask me (to paraphrase) "how can you afford to do this?"  Well I have to admit, from young our parents taught us to be frugal and to invest, have one's money make money but to not take risks, plan for the long haul, from the time you get your first job set aside money for retirement and investment.  And look to scholarships and grants if need be, to finance your college education.   All of us, my younger brother included, found professions that we enjoy and that pays well.  We live well within our means and remain in many ways frugal, I go so far as to clip coupons when shopping, if there is a product I like I will use those coupons. And I save,  I look for tax deductions, and other things to have my money and in someways my property, make money.   I learned to sew, have my shoes and purses repaired at the shoe repair shop, make things do, fix things and make them go for as long as possible.   Separate the "wants" from the "needs".   Avoid being a "throw-away" society and to not buy cheap.

I may have covered this in another posting, when I have time I'll look for it, if not then I will publish this at greater length.

Sis is here and it's time for our series of sybaritic delights, and I have not forgotten about going to the Artists reception I'll write about it soon.

Have a Happy Mother's Day, My Darklings

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