Thursday, May 2, 2013

Of More information on the Boston Bombers~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well things are getting to be very interesting on the Boston Marathon Bombings.

3 college students have been arrested, 1 a U.S. citizen and 2 from Kazakhstan, the 2 from Kazakhstan are also being charged with violation of their student visas, and it is possible that one of them has stayed longer than his visa time.

All three are being charged with removal and hiding or destroying evidence of the bombing, all 3 were friends of the surviving bomber.  They claim and it could be true that they had no idea about the bombing nor were involved with it.

It was after their friend's picture was posted that they realized their friend was in trouble. And they got a text message from him that allegedly read "LOL." followed by him saying for them to take stuff from his dorm room.

My sister and I are surmising that in a mistaken belief that they might be helping their friend, and maybe not believing that he really was a bomber they removed key evidence from his dorm room, of which a backpack containing emptied fireworks containers with the explosive material removed was found in a landfill.

But the key piece of evidence is the laptop computer is still missing.

Now this is if they were not planners involved in the bombing and just friends trying to protect a friend.  All 3 are 19 years old, and as evidence not a single logical brain between them.

How sad, now they all face 5 to 8 years in prison because of mistaken loyalty, instead of allowing the investigators to do their work. 

I had a chance to talk to Coralline this morning, she stayed home from school, she appears to have a cold aggravated by allergies.  And we talked about these mis-guided college students, she agreed with me that loyalty can put one in trouble and it is best to allow things to go their natural course.  If they had done that then they would not be in trouble with their visas.  

As of now their hopes of college and professional careers are destroyed unless they can do something to redeem themselves.

Coralline is taking this lesson to heart, but I told her to always be upfront about her beliefs on that matter with any friends so they will know where she stands, she said she will but she doesn't trust her "stupid" brothers  (the stupid was her choice of words)  She says she "Knows" they will do dumb things and get into trouble.  I hope for their sakes it won't be bad trouble.

The ministry of Kazakhstan is helping the U.S. in this investigation to see if there is any ties and Canada is also involved assisting to see if there is also a connection between Boston and a bomber of their own.

It is sad, now more lives are destroyed by mis-guided thoughts, "The evil that men do lives on after them, the good is oft interred with their bones"  and this is a prime example.

Must go Darklings, something "thumped" in front of the house.

Later Darklings


  1. It's sad, especially if all they were doing was being stupid enough to "cover for a friend" without realising the extent of what he'd done.

  2. So True Kellie, sadly so true.

    Take care.