Monday, April 29, 2013

Of the Returning Heat~~~~

Well My Darklings,

Things are beginning to warm up again. Granted it is nice and beautiful but its going to put a strain on our water resources.  I am grateful for the timers and the cistern to collect the run off so save the water for the plants.

Where Coralline lives with her parents and siblings, they ran the sprinkler, waters the garden and the children play at getting wet, although my brother is considering the underground cistern idea or something like it. 

A neighbor of his is having his swimming pool taken out, too much in insurance and too much in the cost of water and maintenance, told his children they will just have to "rough it"; as I understand from my brother those children are not happy but the parents are.

I saw my Doctor this morning and he is very please with my program and has said that I only need just one person to assist me now since I can take a bath or shower without problems and can climb the stairs and do light things, even making my breakfast.

But I hated the idea of letting either one of my caregivers go, so this noon time I talked it over with both Ella and Louise about what the doctor said.  Ella said it would be better if she left, her daughter is getting close to having her baby and the last month is going to have to remain in bed a lot as the baby has tried to arrive too soon and Ella has been worried for her daughter's health.  So tomorrow Ella will finish things up and move to her daughter's house. 

I'll hate having her leave, both she and Louise have been wonderful companion/caregivers.  Louise is going to stay on until the doctor pronounces me able to go back to work,  in about a month's time.  Wednesday I'm going in to work in the afternoon with Louise to see how things are going and get further updates on projects.  I've been in touch via E-mail, conference video and phone but its not the same as being there.

And I am getting a bit restless, my back twinges just a little bit only occasionally and having the massage and the warm baths have helped.  And I did surprise myself with how well I was able to get around at the Art Deco Ball.  The therapist only comes once a week now and says I've improved so much that I'd only have to go to her office just once a month for evaluation and to make sure I'm doing my exercises correctly.

I feel sad in a way, its a change but its a good change and I'll be in touch with Ella and Louise even afterwards.  And with Marie moving forward on her plans to buy the house there will be more changes.

But for now, I'm going to the Library to return some books and donate some paperbacks for their book sale.   As a matter of fact there is a Friends of the Library book sale coming up next week.  Something to look forward to.  Who knows what I will find.

Later Darklings


  1. Glad to hear you are doing better and can get back to your normal routine, but yes change is difficult and when we form attachments withe is a bit sad to see that change or end.

    I work at a huge university library and I love when we have our annual book sale. I usually volunteer to "work" the sale. It is fun and one never knows what kind of unusual books might show up. Plus the volunteers get first "dibs" on book. Book sales can be great fun.


  2. Dear Rebecca,

    A University Library, oh how wonderful. There are times when I wish I had decided on more of a Library course.

    But then my Father use to say that "Lots of times we do not live the life we want, but we do live the life we need to live."

    I do love Libraries and booksales, and I've found some of the most wonderful titles, even a beautifully bound Reihms-Douay Bible at a wonderful price.

    Most of the purchases are for light reading and then re-donated back to the booksale, but there are the speical ones that are keepers.

    I've only rarely bought a new book, since as a child, the family would go to the library once a week, and during the Summer I and my siblings would be involved with the Children's summer programs at the Library, it was fun. And by borrowing books it encouraged me to be frugal in my purchase choices.

    I so am looking forward to this upcoming one.

    Take care.