Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Of Wind Storms and Damage~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

We have been such a terrible wind storm for the last few days, blowing down trees and blowing sand across the "Great Highway" that it closed it (this is the roadway that runs along the beach in San Francisco).

Poor Ella my morning caregiver called early, a large tree fell and did damage to the hood of her car and a branch smashed the driver's window, she couldn't come in today, but I asked her if she was O.K. and her house and was her car drive able.  She said she was fine but it will be several days before the city can completely remove her tree and she has to have the window replaced.   I told her to take what time is needed, since I'm improving I'll be fine.

And indeed I am getting more independent, the Doctor thinks another month and I should be able to get around, and I know he's right.  Even Louise my afternoon caregiver says I'm improving a lot that she knows she won't be needed for much longer.  Which I find sad as I've grown fond of her and Ella, I will miss their company.  But by the end of May I'll be back to pretty much my old routine, with some adjustments.

But this wind storm is terrible, and we are still having it today although not as bad.   Some damage was done here at the house, we had not realized that the driveway can be a wind tunnel, some of the tree roses were uprooted by the wind, my gardener will do what he can to save them,  I love their wine dark colors.  When Doyle saw the roses had been knocked over he got some plastic buckets and put the roses into the buckets with water and vitamin B compound to prevent shock until my gardener can come and take care of it.

And an old tree in the farthest back part of the lot also fell over, we knew it was dying and we had plans to remove it, but the wind took care of that and it just fell over.  At least nothing else was damaged, just a big mess.  At least we can wait a bit on that, we'll just have it cut up, and then let the wood dry and we can burn it in the winter in the fireplace.   One way to get free firewood.

We also heard on the news last night that a fire started down in Ventura and the winds are pushing it into a difficult landscape to suppress the fire, two homes lost so far and more are in danger,  I have friends that live down in Ventura I tried calling them this morning but no answer, I hope they are safe.

Poor Belladonna with all the wind, she just snuggles closer to me and shivers, I don't blame her, it can be frightening.

Last night my sister and I were talking about family and she thinks I should post about what we lived through that helped shaped our Gothic outlook on life.  I will but I think I'll do it using the word program and then post here, it will give me time to be sure that my thoughts are focused correctly on what I want to say.

Sometimes talking about things that have happened in one's family can help give perspective as to the shaping in one's life.  One can see the right and wrong turns but one can never see the end.

Must go my Therapist is here.

Later Darklings


  1. Hello:)

    Just found your wonderful blog last night and have been catching up...so to speak.

    As a fellow elder goth (I will be 50 soon:) I was so happy to find your blog.

    Good luck with your ongoing healing. And thanks so much for such an enjoyable blog.


  2. Hello Rebecca,

    Welcome, I'm glad you are enjoying my musings, I never know what each day will bring. Or what adventures as an Elder/Elderly Goth I will experience.

    Glad to have you reading my blog.