Monday, April 15, 2013

Of Horror at the Boston Marathon~~~~

Oh My Darklings,

A horrible, horrible event happened a short while ago, two explosions at the Boston Marathon went off, killing at least 2 people, injuring 50 more, many with severed limbs, at least 8 people critically!

2 more explosive devises were found but had not gone off,  another explosion happened an hour later at the John F. Kennedy Library, no word if anyone had been injured.

Rumors are going around that a suspect has been captured, but so far no word on the news feed.

Doyle called me and said he was called in to assist with security as San Francisco and Oakland has been put on high alert as well as other major cities.

I have several friends who run in the marathon, but I cannot get in touch with them, I can only pray they are safe. 

My sister called me to see if I and Louise are O.K. but right now I am glued to the television, Louise God Bless her is praying and now I am going to do the same.

Later My Darklings

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