Friday, April 12, 2013

Of frustrations of medicine, wine, legal fees and The Addams Family~~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well I'm a little frustrated right now, I've been a very good "little girl" but because of the pain medications I'm on I can't go to a wine tasting, so I'm pouting a little.

Not that I have to take them all the time,  I did in the early part of my recovery and any wine, etc.,  was off limits, but now I only have to take it as needed.

But Doyle and the Doctor in their concern informed me "No wine before its time"  playing upon an old joke, but considering my current condition so true.

Doyle said there will be other times and he's right, I guess I'm just going through a frustrating period.

But on another note I've been in touch with my lawyer and he thinks there is going to be a breakthrough and we may not have to go to court.

When he sent copies of the bills of expenses accrued so far including the cost of a nearly new car to the other driver's lawyer, it seems he almost had an apoplectic fit or stroke or whatever and has been having serious talks with the man, even brought in a retired judge to tell him what the most likely outcome will be, given the mounds of evidence supporting our side and damming for his.

And it seems that this person is in line for a promotion and this could seriously harm his chances.   So my lawyer said to not be surprised if we get a very serious out of court settlement, but he'll know better in the next few weeks.   So I'll be going in to see him with my sister and Louise next week so he can project what my future expenses will be plus legal fees and such and make  a  very serious presentation.

In a way it's nice to have something hanging over someone else's head.  

My co-workers have been calling me to discuss some situations to be squared away with.   So the Doctor said that I can go in 1 day just to do a conference with staff, I must have my caregiver and the wheelchair even though my walking and strength has made great improvements.   He is concerned that once I get into the work environment I'll be like an old fire horse, I hear the bell and run to the fire.   And he's right.

I do have to confess though being at home for this long a period has given me some consideration to the idea of retirement, but I don't think I'm ready for it yet.  I think I'll know better once I'm back to working full-time.   Even my boss is wondering if there is a way I could retire and yet work on an hourly basis and it is possible.  So I'll keep that idea percolating on the back burner so to speak.

Doyle gave me a treat last night, he surprised me with the complete set of  "The Addams Family" episodes, I think the one with the spacemen was so funny and absurd but the 6 we saw last night were all funny, and it has given me more ideas for some fun things around the house.

But now Louise is here and we are going to the Spa so I can partake of that nice heated jacuzzi and a facial massage, she is going to have one too, my treat.  With Ella I've suggested something like this for her but she says she is not the Spa type,  so I'm going to have to put my "thinking cap" on.

Later Darklings


  1. Sounds like your legal issues might be settled easier than you thought. That's great, I'm sure you don't want to have to take him to court if you don't have too. Way too much effort.

  2. Hello Kellie,

    Oh so true, court costs can get expensive, but then we would have thrown that into the mix, which my lawyer did a projection of that cost too, just to "sweeten" the situation. And I say that word very evily.

    But if we can avoid going to court and do it through an out of court settlement that is much better. But the man is not going to get much "wiggle room". Well know in the next few weeks.

    Take care.