Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Of we're having a heat wave and more thoughts on the Boston Bombers~~~

Dear Darklings,

We are having a very serious heat wave here in the Bay Area, it even broke records,  87 degrees where I live.

I have a sprinkler system set on timers, the areas that always have a lot of shade get watered in the early  morning, those that have full sun are watered late at night at it's coolest, but I make sure that the water is not wasted, I discovered that my Great Aunt had devised a capture system for any run off, with drains here and there, to collect in a cistern located in the back of the property away from any buildings.

Using a motor pump to pump up that water, the water is reused again to water plants using a hose, especially for those plants that are thirsty drinkers or are in hanging pots or boxes.  However I have to make sure that screens are on to keep animals out and I do have to throw down into it a chemical to kill mosquito larvae,  I had thought of using mosquito fish but that seemed impractical.

And now they are offering hoses that can shrink and expand when it's filled with water or drained, takes up less space, doesn't kink, easy to use and very reasonably priced. 

The house does not have air conditioning, since we are in an area that has only moderate heat during the Summer months, thanks to the natural air conditioning from the Ocean currents and the Bay Fog.

But when it gets hot, out come the fans,  we have box fans in the kitchen area, but bit by bit I've been purchasing these Victorian or Edwardian fans that are offered by the Victorian Trading company, they go much better with the style of the house and look period correct.   Yes my Darklings, when electricity was put into houses and buildings way back when, electric fans were invented.

On Antiques Roadshow, they even showed a fan that worked on lamp oil, they lit the lamp and the heat went up and rotated the blades, very clever but very dangerous.

I am still following the events on the investigation of the Boston Bombing.

The good news is that the remaining victims still in hospitals will survive, badly damaged and injured by the bombing but they will survive.   The wife of the dead bomber is helping the investigation, the 2nd bomber it looks like he will survive as well and has been writing his responses.

And it appears they worked alone, but had been planning more targets.  Of course the big question is why.

From what I've been able to understand it appears it was mostly the elder brother's idea and the younger influenced by his brother went along with it.  An article appeared in the Christian Science Monitor and the writer said one has to look at the ethic background of where the brothers came from, and how the eldest was influenced when he went back to visit his father for 6 months.

Everyone says they can't believe the brothers did this, there were no signs, but good sociopaths can be very clever to hide their intentions and lead others to their doom.  Especially when emotionally and spiritually vunerable.

Look at Jim Jones, the leaders of the Heaven's Gate Group and the Branch Davidians, and look at Hitler when Germany and its people were at its emotional weakest, look at leaders of the KKK, or the Neo-Nazi's.  And now Look at Al-Quida, the leaders of the Taliban who create suicide bombers instead of working to educate the young people, find ways of creating a better economy, of bringing jobs and employment to their countries, of finding ways to grow more food, using solar power for energy.

The gifts for creation of a better life, of spiritual progress are all there, but fundamentalists put blinders on and instead destroy.   I'm also including fundamentalist christian groups as well, that refuse to understand the changes in the 21st century and the need for complete equality and freedom for men and especially for women.

My sister and brother and I were very lucky to have parents to instill into us those protections to question people and their motives, and to instill into us our sense of self preservation and free will.  My sister and brother have  passed and are passing those same qualities into their children for only then can we be free of tyranny be it government or religious fanaticism.

And that is something all Goths should work to protect, otherwise you will lose your choice of lifestyle and creativity and expression.

But I also have said, if you have that freedom, you are also responsible to recognize the sensibilities of others, and do not do it for just the shock value but for raising awareness.

Example:  there are those that want to practice nudity all the time in public areas, in front of children, because they feel it is their right.   I say up to a point---if it is in violation of public health and public exposure laws or offends parents with children, then put your clothes on.  But if you are at an event such as a nude beach, or nudist colony that is your right, but at the Gay Pride parade or in a general public area, no one wants to see a flabby "personal appendage"  with a lot of old grey hair, or even an erect one.  And some ladies no one want to see your chest if it goes down to your knees,  even I at my age prefer to keep some mystery about my body.

But there should be art and expression that will make one's mind think, question and say "I wasn't aware of that."  That should always be preserved, be it a painting, writing, sculpture, film, photography.

And now my Darklings,  it is time for my walk with Ella and little Belladonna, the exercise helps build up my leg muscles and endurance.

Later Darklings,


  1. It's good they caught the second bomber and were able to get answers out of him, but I don't think they'll ever get a satisfactory explanation for why they did it. I'm not sure there is one.

  2. Hello Kellie,

    In the long run, no, thereis not satisfactory explanation. But I feel that dis-enfrancisement, as well as tribal revenge is a factor. It can be personal, or community.

    Also look at how easily it was to mold the minds. I think I need to do a long post on this.

    But unless we live in that community we here in the United States, with our personal freedoms and free will, will never make sense of this senselessness.