Sunday, April 14, 2013

Of a quick update and Gunshows~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I'm waiting right now while Doyle finishes taking care of a few things, but in a few minutes we are going to a Gunshow in Daley City and I am excited.

Doyle is packing the rolling walker in case I get tired, it has a seat so that I can sit down when I tire and it is smaller than the wheelchair.

I have not been to a gun show in ages and I am sooo looking forward to this treat!  You can see I'm excited.

Yes my Darklings I do shoot guns, I own several, and they are safely locked in a heavy duty fire resistant gun safe, locked in a special closet that is kept locked and the key to that closet is safely locked in my desk drawer and I keep that desk drawer key in my purse.

With children visiting I make sure they are not accessible to them.  Doyle being a former police officer has made sure of that.

I know Darklings, some people object to guns, but I've always felt that it's not the gun but the person behind the gun that directs its usage.   I've also felt that for any Goth or Gothic type person, Elder/Elderly or young, it is in their best interest to learn how to shoot one, to understand its feel, its power and energy. 

In the right hands it can be a force for good and protection, in the wrong hands with a deranged mind controlling it----well it can be like North Korea saying it will bomb the US only it would have the capability of doing it.

It is like the energy of Fire.  Fire can warm you, cook your food, harden steel and iron, assist in making things, and light your way in the dark----but it can also destroy and kill especially in the wrong hands.

My Father insisted that my sister, brothers and I learn to shoot, he owned a gun and a rifle and when each of us were old enough he taught us.  It was a good learning lesson and all of us were glad he took the time to teach us.

Now Doyle is ready and so we are off to the show.

Later Darklings

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  1. I agree that it is the person behind the gun and not the gun that is the issue.

    I hope you have a great time at the gun show:)