Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Of thoughts on the Boston Tragedy and April 20th~~~~

Dear Darklings,

There are no words that I can say to express thoughts on this senseless tragedy that has happened in Boston,  except that it is a reminder that even in peaceful places there is evil.

Every year I have always been afraid of the date April 20th, long, long before anyone knew of its significance.

It was not April 15 income tax day, that was a given and a joke and could be dealt with and it was never April 9 or December 9 when we have to pay property taxes, that could be dealt with.

But April 20th, it always seemed something evil or insidious would happen on or about that date, never much after, but always just before or on.    My eldest Brother died that day in a senseless murder and then when studying history I discovered whose birthday it was in history.

April 20th is Hitler's birthday----one of the most evil men to have encouraged mass murder in the 20th century.

It seems---with the exception of Sept 11----a number of major tragedies have happened on or about that day, the Columbine shootings April 20th, Virgina Tech shootings April 16th, Oklahoma City Bombing April 19th,  Waco siege ending on April 19th  and now Boston April 15th.

Technically speaking in Boston it is April 19th that is called Patriot's Day for two battles in the American Revolution, but they moved it to be celebrated on the 3rd Monday in April in the mid-1960's and also hold the Boston Marathon, so there are two Patriots Days.

This is not to be confused with Patriot Day (minus the "s") on Sept 11.

But always the week before April 20th I always dread that time.  I always made arrangements to not go to work that day and to stay home, I'd pray that my love one's would be safe.   But now I can see we are never safe and we need to take one day at a time, enjoy what we have and hug and love our families, never argue or if you do at least work toward making up.

My eldest brother was 10 years older than me, and I looked up to him as a hero, he had his faults but I always remember him saying to me "Don't put me up in the clouds sis, I make mistakes, I'm human."

His death started me trying to fathom the human mind and its evil twists and turns.   I've read books and essays about Evil in all its disguises, I took classes in college to understand psychology of the human mind, but then there are things buried so deep into the human mind of such depravity, that I am not surprised when something like this surfaces.

All we can do is pray and draw strength for us to do better, once the answers are found we can understand the sick, twisted convolutions of this sick mind.

Doyle has a strong suspicion that it is the work of a lone individual, trying to make some sort of statement, of what is any one's guess, the fact that a total of 4 devices, two exploded and two un-exploded were found, and done in a way that suggest an amateur but one who has studied bombings.   We may find a young man, a loner in his early 20ties, disenfranchised with the world, or an older man who lost his job and can only feel power in terrorism.

Either way it is to gain a sense of power by doing a heinous act of destruction and death upon innocent people families, children, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters and good friends.   This person has no soul, has no moral sense of right or wrong.  This person has the "dark spot" in his brain that makes him an animal without morals.   I say him, because mostly men will do this sort of thing, women seek to personalize it by doing it to only one or several particular individuals. 

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but I sense this is a lone male. An evil and insidious beast, who makes the animals of the wild look like saints.

I must go now Darklings, I have an appointment with my lawyer, as sad as this event is to those that are in the midst of it, for the rest of the world, time can only stop for a moment and then life needs to continue, I'll mourn later.

Later Darklings

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