Thursday, April 18, 2013

Of Something completely Different----Belladonna my dog~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well there was breaking news that the F.B.I. has two suspects, and they have pictures on their web site.

For those of you back East in the Boston Area especially, go to the F.B.I. website and see if you recognize these men.

And now for something different.....I was asked about my little dog Belladonna.

Well how I found Belladonna is posted on my April 1, 2012 posting under "An addition to the Family"

She is a black and tan Chaiuaua(a little Mexican dog) about 2 years old now, her tan markings give her eyebrows, a tan muzzle and legs.  At first you think she might be a really tiny Doberman.  But she's not.

She had been abandoned and on that post you'll read how I found her.   She has been a wonderful little companion, one would think she'd be a bit nippy as most can be, but she is not that way.   However she will let me know if she thinks there is an intruder at the door.

She loves my sister and Doyle and loves playing with Coralline.  Most of the time when I go to work I have an elderly neighbor take care of her, which is fine for both of them for the companionship.   But if my neighbor has plans or is ill then I or Doyle will take her to a Doggie Day care that we like.

She is sweet and silly, brave and scared, inquisitive and shy at the same time.  And I spoil her terribly, I look for sweaters and tee shirts that have skulls on them, and at Halloween I have fun looking for cute things for her to wear, nothing silly, but I did find a pair of devilish horns for her to wear and she does with good grace.

Doyle and I try to sneak her in with us if we can in her doggie tote bag, at a few of the places we like to dine at and she is very good.   But of course there are places we can't take her, so we make arrangements for her to be baby sat.  Most of the time it is my Sister but my neighbor has always been happy to do it.

She sleeps at the foot of my bed when Doyle is around, but when he's not she loves to snuggle next to me.

I've found that by using these tea tree wipes that I find at Pet Food Express it helps keep her clean between baths and I use the Advantex II for flea treatment.  It seems to work best.

I've never clipped her nails, I have the vet do that.  And how well does she get along with her vet and staff?, well she hasn't bitten him and he and his staff are very gentle with her.

The only time she gets very distressed is 4th of July when fireworks are set off,  we have to give her a pill to calm her down.  

You will find mentions of her here and there in my previous posts.  

For years I never did have a pet, my life and my hours did not make it easy to have one,  when I was a little girl we had a cat from time to time, but my Father always had sneezing fits when one was brought into the house, so having a pet was not a good thing, and my Father loved animals, if he took his medicine he could be around a cat or dog for a short amount of time but day in and day out, well it was not a good thing.

We did have a parakeet named "Pretty Boy" that my sister won at a church bazaar, who was a silly thing and made us laugh with its antics.   One time the bird tried to land on Dad's head and grabbed some hair instead and flipped over hanging upside down, it was a little painful for dad.

My Uncle Mannie was bald and one evening we had him over for dinner with Grandma, because we were all sitting at the kitchen table Pretty Boy started flapping his wings at his cage door demanding to be let out.

Mom didn't want to but Grandma and Uncle Mannie said it was o.k. so Pretty Boy joined us at the dinner table flying to my shoulder then to my sisters and then back to his cage.  Suddenly he took off flew around the room (we had the windows closed) and decided to land on my Uncle's bald head, two feet and his tail, well my Uncle's head was slippery and Pretty Boy slid off and landed with a thump on the floor, we all looked at the bird and he walked over to a corner and started muttering to himself in the corner occasionally looking over his feathered shoulder and wondering why he couldn't land on that spot. 

Grandma said that Pretty Boy was embarrassed and went over and coaxed him onto her finger, brought him to the table and gave him a bit of bread crust, and he seemed to be happy.  We all laughed at what had happened.  We had him for nearly 8 years then one morning Mother woke up and found him dead on the cage bottom, we never knew what happened as he was perky the night before.  But Dad said sometimes that happens like a stroke or heart attack.   He had a nice funeral with a rose bush planted on top of him.

We never did have another pet after that.  We all were busy with schooling and such and now I have Belladonna.   I hope to have her for a long, long time.

Later Darklings


  1. Wonderful post about Belladonna and Pretty Boy:) I love Chaiuauas. My hair stylist has a tri-color mostly black and brown with small white marking. Her name is Wednesday...after Wednesday Addams:)

    I have two cats, one is over 18 years old. I am allergic as well but I find that if I am around them I build up a kind of tolerance...but only to *my* cats...weird but true.

    I believe our pets bring us closer to our humanity. We can love and care for them...and they teach us patience. I have had cats, dogs, horses and hamsters. They all have the great gift of love.


  2. Dear Rebecca,

    I'm happy that you found my post about Belladonna and Pretty Boy wonderful.

    As I said Dad loved animals, could not bear to see one hurt or mis-treated. Even with his allegies if he found an injured animal he'd bring it home and pay for the vet bill to heal it and then find a good home for it.

    Unfortunately as he got older his allergies got worse, but he'd worked through them.

    Mother always wished we had a dog, but said Dad's health came first, but because of their compassion for animals, my siblings and I appreciated their spiritualness in bringing us closer to understanding love, compassion and kindness. And Belladonna is a wonderful teacher.

    Your hair stylist name her dog Wednesday? I love that. Just perfect.