Thursday, April 4, 2013

Of Easter and a Time Machine~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I know I haven't posted for a number of days, but things happened. 

For some reason our phone line became disconnected so Doyle was working with me using our cell phones, finally our neighbors phone to get the line re-connected.   It was an error on the phone company's part, they thought it was the house next to me that had been abandoned by the former owners.

Then with the last major rain storm (although not bad) one of the gutters separated, so had to have that repaired.

Then Doctor appointments, dental appointments (teeth are fine, and body is coming along fine) and all my therapy, time flew by.

Easter, although a bit drizzly, was lovely. 

 Doyle and I went to mass at one of the older Catholic Churches.  He surprised me with a lovely Gardenia corsage, I thought they weren't in season yet, so how he did it I have no idea, but I enjoyed wearing it all day.

Then we went for a drive in my vintage car, we even dressed as if we were from the 1940's, although I did have to use wheel chair a bit because my back wanted to act up. And Belladonna came with us everywhere we went.  Except into church.

We had an early lunch at our favorite restaurant, then Doyle took me to the See's Candy store and bought a 2 pound box of chocolates with soft centers (I do love See's), we drove down Oakland's Broadway, past the Paramount Theatre and the looks from people seeing the old car, so many "thumbs up",  people pulled up along side us to ask what year it was made,  and were surprised to see how we were dressed and the music we were playing.

We drove around Lake Merritt and then up to Piedmont to St. Mary's cemetery, it was too wet to step onto the grass, but I could see my parents graves as Doyle put flowers on them for me.   Then to Alameda and down along Shoreline Drive, it was a bit cloudy to see the San Francisco skyline too well, we then drove back to the old Naval Air Station and admired the U.S.S. Hornet.

Then, before it got too late we went to my favorite antique and vintage shop and I found two pair of shoes from the 1940's that were almost new and fit beautifully.  

Eventually we worked our way back in a loop going down Doolittle Drive and then back along East 14th Street to home, and although sometimes driving along East 14th can be dangerous, the traffic was light and everyone who saw us looked like we had come out of a time machine,  the rain had stopped so we rolled down the windows and because I have a tape deck under the dash, we played Big Band music. 

Doyle has a friend that worked up about a dozen Tapes so that they sound like radio broadcasts with news breaks and music and commercial  announcements from the 1940's. 

The looks on some people's faces when they'd hear our "radio", once person asked us "Which President?"  and I replied "Why President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he's the current president."

The look on the young man's face was priceless,  he acted like he'd seen a ghost!!!   Both Doyle and I loved it.

But then I was getting tired and Doyle saw that I had gone my limit for the Day and we drove home.  Fortunately Doyle had picked up what was going to be our dinner the night before and only had to be warmed up.

I floated the gardenia's in a crystal bowl of water so that it's scent could fill the room and I could admire it for a few more days.  Doyle suggested that I'd look into finding silk gardenia's to make into a permanent corsage, a good idea.

We watched one of our favorite crime drama movies "The Blue Gardenia" with Alan Ladd and then relaxed and read and listened to our favorite CD's until it was time to go to bed, my sister Marie had called and she was doing well and would be coming home the following day.

It was so much fun to "go back in time" even for one day. 

I hope all you Darklings had a wonderful Easter.

I'll post more later.

Later, Darklings



  1. What a fun day! I love the idea of the old news broadcasts in the song lineup, it must have been fun to watch people's faces when they heard them.

  2. Oh Kellie,

    I have to say it was priceless!! Doyle's friend is going to do a few more for us so we'd have more to rotate.

    We have a Crosby radio that plays like a radio and tapes as well, so we'll sometimes play that when we have guests over. I love the puzzeled looks on their faces.

    Take care.