Sunday, April 28, 2013

Of Art Deco Preservation Ball~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Just a brief post.

Well my sister and I did our mani-pedi's yesterday and the color is just beautiful.   But when we came home Doyle surprised us with tickets to the Art Deco Societies Preservation Ball. 

Food, wine, music, silent auction all in the wonderfully restored Paramount Movie Theatre, I could not have been happier and we were dressed in our 1930's best.  It was such a joy.

And I was amazed at how well I was able to get around,  I was using a cane to be on the safe side, and I had to wear my low heeled shoes until I'm fully back to par, but it was exciting and colorful.

They even had a fortune teller or card reader there, the gentleman was dressed in a tuxedo and with a turban much like one would see a "Swami" wear in those old 1930's serials, his booth was set up to reflect the 1920's/30's and I enjoyed having my fortune read, all very amusing and it was a very nice fortune too.  I got his card in case I want to hire him for a party.

I was a bad girl this morning, I slept in, so did my sister, and she is going forward on purchasing the house next door, the agent was able to do a walk thru with her earlier along with our contractor friend.  The repairs are do-able and he privately told her that the former owners had done some illegal electrical work, which would give off high EMF readings, no wonder people didn't want to stay there. 

The damage done by the pot growers was not that bad except that the floors in which they were growing the pot plants is going to have to be redone.  Kitchen and Bathrooms and fine, need serious cleaning but fine.  And no bug or any kind of issues, but Marie is going to have it fumigated especially for bed bugs just to be on the safe side.

The price is good, the monthly payments will be fine as well as the property tax.  And she will be able to get some serious tax deductions on it.

So now we are relaxing, Doyle is bar-b-quing, the garden is nice and sunny and fragrant, birds are chirping, Belladonna is snoozing in the sun and it feels good.

Doyle has found some charities that are helping the victims of the bombing to help offset their medical expenses that we are going to donate to.  In the midst of all this beauty we are very lucky and so it is important to remember those who are struggling and we should count ourselves blessed, so it is important to send those blessings on.

Later Darklings


  1. I have heard of the Art Deco Preservation Ball and seen pictures online. It looks wonderful. I would love to have an excuse to dress extravagantly and dance the night away:)


  2. No wonder people thought it was haunted if it has high EMF. Of course, it might still be haunted...