Friday, April 26, 2013

Of more Dental problems, a nice policeman, a haunted house?~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well the first of the procedures for the root canal has started at "Oh My God!  It's Early!" today, I'm home now and am on a strong Motrin, but I'm going to have to lie down in a bit.  I'll be going back next week for more, until they are sure its cleaned out and then pin it, then a crown.  It's going to cost nearly $1000.00 but that is what good dental insurance is for.  

And trust me Darklings, I'm keeping all the bills.  I cannot bill this to the man who hit my car, but I will give it to my tax person for the 2013 taxes.  Hopefully I'll have enough medical bills to take a deduction.

I talked to the nice policeman the other day, I did make a joke that I didn't order a male stripper----Trust me Darklings he was VERY good looking.  

The officer took it with good grace and a smile but then we got down to business, it seems that Doyle had noticed something at the empty house next door and I had also remarked about it, I thought someone had bought the house, but it seems that some homeless people moved in and were growing some marijuana plants.

Doyle had called the complaint in and the officer also wanted my statement, while he was taking it Doyle came home and was glad to see that the plants were removed and the "growers" were removed.

Marie was very unhappy about that when she found out, but glad that they had been arrested.  It seems that she had been thinking of buying the house next door, it's going for a short sale, so she contacted the real estate agent to take a walk through, we were wondering why the house had not sold before now given the housing market and the agent said that each time she thought the house was sold the buyers suddenly would back out of the deal.  Marie laughed and said "Why?  Is the house haunted?"  and the agent gave her a very strange look. 

So I asked Marie if living in a "haunted house" would bother her and she said "All I have to look for is strong EMF readings."   of course I knew what she meant and we know of an electrician who understands those sort of things.

The major question will be how much damage did the homeless people do and can Marie secure the house while work is being done?  She has a friend who needs temporary housing until he can find a place of his own, so if the kitchen and bathroom are working properly he can "rough it". 

And it will be nice to have my sister next door, this way she'll have space when her children visit and if it's going to be a BIG gathering there is space in my home.

I have not posted much more on the Boston bombing events, the story is still unfolding but the 2nd bomber admitted that his brother came up after the first bombing, with the idea to hijack a car drive to New York and plant 3 more bombs in Times Square, the only thing that thwarted their plans was the car didn't have enough gasoline for the trip and died because of an empty fuel tank.

And now they are looking for a radical Muslim called "Misha" who may have turned the mind of the oldest brother into doing hateful acts. 

Agatha Christie once said that the worse criminal is one who can persuade another to do a criminal act, can persuade another to do the killing for them.  And that is what terrorists groups are doing.

Now I'm feeling tired and Ella wants me to rest, she will take Belladonna for her walk.

I'm going to have a mani-pedi tomorrow and I'm going to use "Disturbia"  it is a deep dark purple with a little shimmer to it.  I like the color it will go with most of my clothing.

But to rest, and rest well.

Later Darklings


  1. LOL! You told the cop you thought he was a strippergram? Brave woman!

  2. Oh My Dear Kellie,

    Even I surprise myself with what I say.

    But he was SOOOOOO Good Looking, that I really thought someone had hired him to give me a perk to my day.

    I have to tell you this, one day some years ago, I had to drive my Mother to a Doctor's appointment and we were running late and as fate would have it I was speeding about 10 miles over the limit. I know, Bad Me.

    Well I was pulled over and Mother got worried and I said let me handle it. The police officer walked up to me and said (I swear this is the truth) "Where's the fire, Lady?" and I gave him my most wicked smile and replied "In your eyes Handsome, in your eyes".

    He did not give me a ticket but said for me to be careful. And I was. Mother was dumbfounded, when we got to the Doctor's office only 5 minutes late, she said to me "Now I KNOW that you can handle yourself" and saw the doctor.

    Take care.