Saturday, April 20, 2013

Of the Boston Bomber Capture~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well the news for many is good, the younger brother involved in the Boston bombings was captured alive, injured but alive.  His older brother is dead,  it seems that the night before the capture, one of them shot and killed an MIT police officer, they hijacked a car and it's driver, abandoned them and tried to hide in Waterton (Watertown?) there was a shoot out, the oldest was killed.  The youngest got away for 24 hours.

A man who had a boat stored in his back yard noticed blood on the covering and called 911 and the younger brother was captured.

I'm glad that at least one of them is alive, I hope we will get answers to why they did it.

But as I understand from interviews with family members, the oldest brother was always in trouble and could influence the younger brother, which is sad because the younger brother was on his way to getting a medical degree, an Uncle called them "Losers" and that they shamed the family.  In another interview a boxing coach said that the older brother could easily influence the younger brother into doing the wrong thing.

Of course the father and an aunt say they were framed and its a conspiracy, but the Mother has said that the oldest brother was under F.B.I. surveillance but didn't seem to be a credible threat, there were no out ward signs of what they were planning to do.

But Doyle, my sister and I agree we won't know the full story, there are so many theories flying about, not until the surviving brother can be interviewed and that information is released will we know anything.

Many people are saying that this bombing is done by the government, this is especially bandied about by conspiracy theorists.   Especially as there had been no credible red flag, and people are saying that the younger is such a nice boy.  But the elder brother became more involved in his faith and there had been at least one, possibly more domestic violence arrests on the elder for beating up his wife whom he allegedly brow-beat to join his religion.  Again I do use the word "allegedly", as this is an on going investigation.

But because people can't believe that they are bombers or terrorists they are shocked.

Personally my sister and I and Doyle are not so shocked.   I am especially reminded of a line from Shakespeare "To Smile and smile and still be a villain".

Each of us have come across people like that, people whom we were led to believe were good people but do horrible and heinous crimes, Doyle in his previous line of work especially.  My sister and I we learned through Life Experiences.

People who were friendly, polite, helpful yet turned out to be monsters of the worse kind.  And young people whose nureau synapses are still over-firing and have not learned caution, reason, wisdom or any real life experience, all so easy to manipulate into a life of crime or terrorism.

My late Elder brother, even at his young age always said to not put him on a pedestal, to not make him a hero.   He was a good young man, but he made the mistake of trusting a best friend who was not a friend, this person was the one who killed him.    My family had no inkling that my brother's friend could do that or was capable of doing that.

But I soon learned different, it was not an accident, it was willful and deliberate.   So by the age of 12 I had learned the extreme dark side of the mind.   I knew by age 12 horrible tragedy by life events.  And I decided to learn more about the dark side,  my parents fortunately understood and guided me and gave me emotional support.  All of this added to my eventual gothicness, and added to my strength.  My sister eventually followed in her own way. 

But I thank my parents for bringing me up into the air and into the light as needed so I would not drown in such evil.  I thank them for giving me humor, and seeing the weird side of life as well.   We could be like the Addams Family or the Munsters, but with a touch of X-Files,  Kolchack the Night Stalker, One Step Beyond and a teeny-tiny bit of Dexter.

Why a teeny-tiny bit of Dexter?  My Father, bless him, hung a fraud "out to dry" by exposing this person's scheme in such a way that only the criminal was hurt and no one else.

But now the weather is beautiful and Sis and I are going shopping with little Belladonna along for the ride in her tote bag.  And not to worry I'm taking my rolling walker along just in case I tire.  I feel it is time to look for "Summer Cothing".

Later Darklings


  1. I am also glad to hear that there has been a capture and also believe that there will be much to learn in the coming days and months about what drove these young men to do what they did.

    Your story of what happened to your brother reminds me of something similar in my life. One of my uncles shot and killed his wife. I think I was around 5 years old when it happened. Everything was very out in the open, people spoke openly in front of me about what had happened. In a way it kind of prepared me for the greatest tragedy of my own life when at 6 years old I was with my father when he was killed in a freak accident. I stood alone on a country road while he died. I was the only one with him. I remember vividly standing there waiting quietly for "help" to arrive.

    Death was never hidden from me as a child by the adults around me and I believe that helped me cope and become stronger.

    Sometimes the dark teaches us hard lessons but through that darkness we find the light.

    Thank you for sharing your story:)

  2. Hello Rebecca,

    Thank you for sharing yours. Sometimes tragedy comes in very violent ways. I lost my Grandfather when I was about 4 or 5 It is one of my earliest posts.

    But the one that began to seriously color me I posted about on Dec 16, 2012 labeled "of Tragedy, pain, tears and Friends" it was very bad, much like how you lost your Father.

    I was greatful that my parents to old age, and their passing was peaceful in many ways.

    Thank you again.