Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Of having a tooth ache, dental surgery and nail polish~~~~

Oh Darklings,

Just as I was enjoying the nice coolness of the day, I had a tooth start to act up, nothing overly painful really but, one of those sort of discomforts that tell you that its going to get serious.

My dentist was able to take me in today and from all the examinations, I have a dying nerve in that tooth, so I am looking at a root canal.  I've only had one before, many years ago. 

And at that time many years ago, the poor Dentist, at first he made the mistake of using finger pressure instead of Novocain, I did warn him that I thought it was worse, and as soon as the air hit the nerve all Hell broke loose and I bit my dentist.

Poor man, once he got his bleeding under control, his partner gave me a shot of Novocain and started treatment, went on for several weeks, for me not for him, he was fine no stitches, but he did need a tetanus shoot for just in case.

Please remember this was over 40 years ago and dentistry has come a long, long way.  I did somehow manage to rip off the arm cushion of his dental chair, I was Not charged for it, and we did remain dentist and patient for many years until he retired and sold his practice.

Now I'm facing another root canal 40 years later, well it will be a bit better but I'm still not looking forward to it.  I've been given some pain meds for it, but I have to be careful because if I have to take my other medication  for my back I have to watch it carefully.   And no wine or spirits of any sort.

And at least I'll be seeing the oral surgeon this Friday to get the preliminaries out of the way.

While I and Louise were waiting for the prescription to be filled at the druggist's, I drifted over to the cosmetic section to see if there was anything new in nail color, Revlon has some tropical colors out like "Seashell"  and "Sun burst" all very Summer at the Beach and Caribbean looking but not my style.

Revlon also has some nice business colors out, I did like one called "Iconic" a very deep blackest grey teal, and Essie has the Haute business collection which I found interesting, but Wet and Wild had a deep purple that I could not resist called "Disturbia"  perfect if you are in a mental institutional mood.

But at least I got my "nail polish" fix, I bought "Iconic" and "Disturbia"----you know I love that word, it would make for a perfect name for someone.  Oh I just remembered that's been done in one of the Addams Family movies.   But just think Darklings if you had girls and were in a serious Goth mood you could name them "Wednesday", "Morticia", "Disturbia", "Griselda", "Draculina"  but they'd have to be pretty strong to stand up to any teasing they may get. 

Sorry Darklings, Strange thoughts, I blame the medication.  But now I must go, Louise says there is a nice police officer asking to speak to me, why I don't know, I haven't run over anyone lately, everyone else has been doing the driving.

Later Darklings

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  1. Ohh...the new nail polishes sound wonderful...who could pass up "Disturbia"...although dental work....not so fun.

    Hope it all goes well.