Monday, April 15, 2013

Of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon~~~~

Dear Darklings,

This is so heartbreaking.

So Far two people are dead, one an 8 year old child, the injured are now up to 132, with 10 people having limbs amputated, some of them children.

Diane Fienstein is calling this a terrorist act, but whether its home or foreign no word as yet.

My friends are safe, one got ill 1/4 of the way into the run and his friend stopped to help him so they called on their cell phone their family members to come to them, far away from the explosions. 

The alleged explosion at the JFK Library was a fire in a maintenance room, not sure if its related or just coincidence.

Poor Louise didn't want to go home but I told her if she didn't her family would worry, and then my sister arrived home all safe, so Louise went home and she will call us when she arrives.

I had to leave the television for a short while, so my mind can take this in.

This is the dark side of life that my mind tries to fathom, the evil that is in one's soul that they can do this without a single thought of who would be harmed,  children, families.  

And so far no one is claiming responsibility, which I find odd.  Rumor has it that they were like pipe bombs, but no facts as yet.

My mind is reeling at this evil.  Trying to fathom why someone would do this.

Must go now, my sister is recommending that we order something delivered, but right now I have no appetite.

Later Darklings


  1. I am left not knowing what to say...other than I hope in the coming days we can make sense of who/what caused this.

    Maybe there just is nothing one can say in the face of such trauma.


  2. Dear Rebecca,

    You are right, in this moment of confusion, shock and disbelief, one cannot say anything, except pray, pray for those souls who died and are injured for their peace and healing, pray for those families so seriously affected that they may have strength.

    And pray that the investigative agencies have the insite to find the clue to lead to that person or persons who did this henious crime.

    In terms of sense, there is no sense for evil, twisted minds. My psychology teacher taught me that, I have been studying evil, reading books and essays on the subject, and in the end I've realized evil is there, to remind us to do good.

    Gain strength from good and prayer my Darkling.